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Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: November 17, 2010 11:35:50 PM
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In order to use contacts, wearers will slip the them over their eyeballs and gently slide them around until the contacts are centred over the irises, or the coloured part of the eyeballs. Leonardo da Vinci is given credit for the invention of contacts, originating in 1508. Today's contacts come in a vast array of types and colours. The Main Types of Contact Lenses There are two main types of contact lenses. Both varieties include permeable polymers that allow oxygen to reach the cornea of the eye. One type of contacts is called Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP). RGP contact lenses are known for being durable; however, they take time for the wearer to adjust to the hardness of the lenses. Despite initial difficulties, people report that these lenses are easy to put on and remove. The other type of contact lenses is known as “soft” contacts. Even though soft contact lenses are more comfortable and thin than their RGP counterparts, soft contacts are more prone to breakage and bacteria contamination. On a positive note, soft contacts come equipped with a layer of UV protection. Wear Schedules A wear schedule is the way a user wears their contact lenses. This will depend upon the type and brand of their chosen lenses. One common wear schedule is daily disposable contact lenses; these lenses are recommended to those who suffer from sensitive eyes. Daily disposables should be taken off before bedtime and thrown away. Extended wear contact lenses can be worn for a certain amount of time before being removed. Some brands can be worn for up to a week while others will last for a month. Extended wear lenses consist of silicone hydrogel; this material allows a greater amount of oxygen to enter the cornea as opposed to contacts without silicone hydrogel. Reasons for Use There are one of two reasons why people choose to wear contact lenses. Some people prefer to correct their vision problems with contacts rather than glasses because glasses are more cumbersome than contacts. In addition, glasses are easier to break and need to be removed when showering, napping and engaging in some physical activities. Even people without vision problems can wear contact lenses for cosmetic purposes. Contacts are a cheap yet effective method of instantly changing the look of the wearer's face. Amethyst, green and violet lenses with colour tints can alter the eyes' shade while light-filtering tints minimize glares and mute certain colours. Those who like their their original eye colour but want to make the colour “pop” should consider enhancement tints. – Cheapest Contact Lenses Online Contact Lenses, Contact Lenses Online

Contact lenses are small pieces of glass formed in a circular shape. These glass pieces are used for corrective and cosmetic purposes.

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