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Quitting Smoking With Herbal Vaporizers
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: November 18, 2010 05:50:31 AM
Category: Blogs: Health

There is little doubt the smoking cigarettes is harmful to your health and to your pocket. The list of ailments associated with smoking is a long and shameful one, and the steep increase in tax on tobacco is hitting people in the pocket at a time when money is very tight. Unsurprisingly, even hardened smokers are doing everything they can to kick the habit, but giving up nicotine require more than just throwing your cigarettes in the trash can. Increasingly, people are looking at quitting smoking with herbal vaporizers, a way to wean yourself off nicotine and give your lungs a chance to recover As most people are aware, nicotine is not the most harmful constituent of cigarette smoke and it is other compounds that cause all of the damage. Cigarette smoke is laden with carcinogens, tars, heavy particles and carbon monoxide, all of which harm the body. These irritate the lungs and throat, leading to breathing problems and increasing the risk of throat, mouth and lung cancer. The Benefits of Herbal Vaporizers Vaporization avoids many of these risks by heating your tobacco to a temperature that vaporizes the ingredients without burning, cutting out the particles, tar and carbon monoxide that caused so much damage to your body. A smoking vaporizer extracts the active ingredients as essential oils, sating your nicotine addiction without the unacceptable level of harm associated with cigarette smoke. This allows you to quit smoking without the using the "cold turkey approach", the stage where most nicotine addicts fail and find themselves in a store buying cigarettes within a few days of stating that they would never smoke again. Many of these smokers dutifully buy nicotine patches and nicotine gum, which can certainly help to reduce the craving for nicotine, but they fail to address one problem. Being a smoker is not just about the physical cravings for nicotine and there is a psychological side to the addiction. Most smokers get into the habit of having a cigarette at certain times, after meals or with a morning coffee, and the key to giving up is to replace the ritual of lighting a cigarette. Unlike patches, using a smoke vaporizer for your tobacco addresses this and allows you to keep to this ritual, giving you a good base from which you can wean yourself off nicotine. Breaking the Chain with Pocket Vaporizers For this reason, there are many types of vaporizer designed to appeal to smokers; besides the tabletop vaporizers that help you to vaporize tobacco efficiently, there is a new generation of pocket vaporizers. Whenever and wherever the craving strikes, you can reach into your pocket and pull out your portable vaporizer. Some are the traditional type, consisting of a glass tube that can be heated with a windproof lighter or butane torch. Others are battery operated and give you a great degree of control over the temperature and speed of delivery. Quitting smoking with the extreme q vaporizer is a great way to break the psychological bonds that keep you chained to the habit, allowing you to concentrate upon tackling the physical addiction. best vaporizers, extreme q vaporizer

There is little doubt the smoking cigarettes is harmful to your health and to your pocket. The list of ailments associated with smoking is a long and shameful one

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