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What Is A Duvet Cover? Why Do I Need One?
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: December 09, 2010 12:36:35 AM
Category: Arts & Humanities: Shopping and Services

Those are two very good questions. To answer the question "what is a duvet cover” one first has to answer, "What is a duvet?" A duvet (from France) is a bag filled with down, feathers, wool or other natural or man made stuffing to create a warm bed covering that takes the place of quilts, comforters & bedspreads. The duvet pronounced "due-vay" is similar to a comforter. A duvet is like a comforter, except that it has a replaceable, washable cover. Duvet covers are useful because duvets usually cannot be washed. Water would ruin the stuffing. Think of a duvet cover as a large pillowcase for your comforter. Duvet covers button, zip or tie at the top to keep the cover secure. Why do you need a duvet cover? You need a duvet cover to protect your expensive down comforter or luxury sheets. All things considered, who would like to shell out high dollars to get a great comforter only to get it soiled, snagged or possibly a whole lot worse? Don't have a down comforter? Then you need a duvet cover to protect your inexpensive alternative down comforter! Why? Do you enjoy washing your huge comforter? Even if you have a washing machine large enough to handle the job (most of us do not) it can be very challenging to deal with over-sized home bedding. However if you cover your comforter with a duvet cover, you can easily wash the cover when you want. Duvet covers can be laundered along with the other luxury bedding. This keeps the comforter fresh as well. Another advantage of duvet covers is that they are changeable, so you can change the feel of the room without having to completely redecorate. There are interior designers who enjoy altering the feel of a master bedroom by simply using a new luxury duvet cover. They can be purchased as part of a bedding set, along with sheets, pillowcases and a bed skirt, all in coordinating patterns. You can change the duvet cover with the season or even use a festive cover around the holiday times. There are no limits when choosing the correct color and design. Go ahead be creative and enjoy the pleasure of owning one of the most popular bed coverings used today. This is exactly why duvet covers are growing in popularity in North America. This may sound strange but it is "ok" to have fun making your bed. luxury sheets, duvet cover

You need a duvet cover to protect your expensive down comforter or luxury sheets. Another advantage of duvet covers is that they are changeable.

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