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Feeling Young And Staying Healthy With Apples
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: December 18, 2010 09:51:05 AM
Category: Blogs: Health

They contain antioxidants that help keep you looking and feeling younger. Adding apples to your diet can help improve your memory and your overall thought process. There are so many ways to add apples to your diet that you should never become bored with them. Apples can be a fun and delicious addition to brown bags lunches for people of all ages. They are also a fruit that is delicious in all seasons. Apples are a portable fruit. You can toss one in your lunch bag, your desk drawer, your tote bag, or numerous other convenient places. Apples and various flavors of apple juice are great snack options for children and adults. Apple juice can be incorporated into a variety of recipes. It is delicious in numerous desserts such as apple cobbler, apple crumb coffee cake, and apple pie. Apples can be combined with a variety of other fruits such as bananas, strawberries, and pineapple to create delicious smoothies to enjoy in the summer. In winter, hot, spiced apple juice can warm you up on a cold day. Add a cinnamon stick or some small pieces of hot cinnamon candy to a cup of warmed apple juice for a delicious winter time drink. A fruit salad would not be complete without apples. You can also include apples and apple juice in main course dishes. Apples are a wonderful addition to chicken salad or baked pork chops. A cup of apple juice is an excellent addition to a pot roast stew. The activities you engage in help you keep a youthful perspective of life. Picnics are a romantic, fun activity that young couples or families often enjoy. Apples are a great picnic companion. Frozen apple juice can become a deliciously cool, slushy delight at a summer picnic. Apple "smiles" made with apples slices, peanut butter, and raisins or marshmallows will delight a child when they discover them in the picnic basket. You can keep a healthy snack available at all times by keeping a supply of various flavors of apple juice on hand. Diversity prevents boredom and there are so many delicious varieties of apple juice available in a combination of irresistibly delicious flavors that you can let your creativity and imagination run free. You can do something good for yourself and for your family by keeping apples, apple juice, and apple related snacks readily available year round. provide fresh pressed apple juices and fruit juices from thier Suffolk Farm Apples, Apple Juice Drink

Apples are revered for the health benefits they provide. They contain essential vitamins and nutrients that help prevent illness. Apples provide riboflavin, thiamine, carotene, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and folic acid

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