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The Waste Management Business Never Smelt So Good
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: December 20, 2010 08:58:34 PM
Category: Arts & Humanities: News and Media

Every day, people from all walks of life open their morning paper and read about the environmental disasters happening all over the world. Each one serves to remind them of their duties as citizens to reduce their waste, reuse what they can, and recycle what they can't. The future has never been brighter for companies involved in the waste management sector. No longer is waste management a field that is ignored or scorned by some, but a downright prestigious business positioned at the forefront of environmental awareness. Today, recycling isn't just for hippies, but for everyone regardless of political affiliation or economic status. Virtually every human and corporation is expected to have at least two waste disposal receptacles, one for typical garbage and one or more recycling. Consumers are making purchasing decisions not just based on price or service, but knowledge that the company they are buying from engages in environmentally responsible behaviour - such as proper recycling. This level of eco awareness didn't always exist. More than a few viewers were downright shocked when in an episode from the first series of the television show Mad Man the Drapper family had an outdoor picnic, and simply tossed their trash out into the open air of the park. Sadly, their behaviour would have been considered the norm at the time. It took decades of such irresponsibility on the part of civilized people to cause the environmental disasters that have forced more and more people to think about waste management and recycling. Improper waste disposal remains one of the most visible and jarring forms of environmental damage and pollution. When people think of pollution, they think of dolphins with their noses stuck in soda rings, floating islands of garbage in the ocean, mounds of trash dumped in third-world nations with families living on them, the plastic trees of California, and the refuse-strewn streets of Italy. The man on the street can't do much about those garbage islands in the Pacific or the trash-blockaded streets of Naples, but he can choose to do his part. The average person in the United Kingdom produces over half a ton of trash per year! It doesn't take much to make a real dent in that. A reused piece of paper here, a choice to buy a something with recyclable packing over non-recyclable packaging there, and pretty soon a person's cut dozens of kilos off their yearly output. If everyone did that little bit, it would add up to a big difference. Waste Management, Food Waste Management

The days of having just one trashcan all of a consumer or corporation's waste is just thoughtlessly chucked into a single canister are dead and gone. The modern consumer and company are unified in their eco consciousness

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