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Drink Your Way To Healthy With Fruit Juice Drinks
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: December 23, 2010 08:30:01 PM
Category: Blogs: Health

Fruit juice drinks, when made from fresh juice, offer the same nutritional benefits, as well as variety, and convenience. In most regions, fresh fruit is limited in variety, and only available for a short time each year. Canned fruits, such as pears or orange slices, are usually soaked in a heavy syrup made of sugar, to keep them from drying out. This means that eating canned fruit is very unhealthy, with the extreme amount of calories from the sugar outweighing any nutritional benefits. Fruit juice drinks, however, can be made from fresh fruit and then sent all over the world, to be enjoyed. This means that people can have access to Vitamin C all year round, by drinking orange juice, made from oranges which naturally contain Vitamin C. Drinking orange juice to get Vitamin C is a much healthier - and tasty - way to stay healthy through the cold and few season than taking a Vitamin C supplement which is less effective. Fruit juice drinks have the flavor of fresh fruit, such as apples, oranges, grapefruits, or grapes, as well as the nutrients, but because the fruit has been pureed to be made into juice, more of the fruit's nutrients and vitamins are in a small bottle of juice than in one - or even a few - pieces of the fruit. While single flavor fruit juice drinks remain popular, fruit juice drinks that combine two or more types of fruit juice drinks to create a unique flavor are also well liked by both adults and children. Sometimes these two fruit juice drink hybrids are called fruit juice drink cocktails. Popular fruit juice drink cocktails include tropical flavors, such as pineapple juice and orange juice. A fruit juice drink cocktail that is popular with young children is purple grape juice combined with apple juice. Young children's stomachs sometimes have difficulty digesting the acidity of the grape juice, but they enjoy the flavor of the grape juice. This fruit juice drink cocktail tastes like grape juice, but is easier to digest due to the apple juice. Fruit juice drinks have long been the foundation for mixed drinks. The mimosa is made with orange juice and champagne, while the bloody mary has a base of tomato juice to which tabasco and vodka are added. The pina colada is another mixed drink that has a fruit juice drink as its foundation, since it includes pineapple juice. Fruit juice drinks are versatile, both in their ability to be easily shipped all over the world without fears of spoilage or bruising, and in their uses. Fruit juice drinks are easily mixed with each other to make delicious, and digestible, beverages for young children, and with alcohol and other ingredients to make sophisticated mixed drinks. Apples, Fruit Juice Drinks

The old maxim is that an apple a day will keep the doctor away, and it has stuck around for generations because it is true - eating fruit means that you will be digesting essential nutrients and vitamins.

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