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Author Name: avmery56
Date added: January 02, 2011 04:24:15 AM
Category: Entertainment: Movies

The World Wide Web has become one of the most essential inventions in the history of humans. The most substantial function of the Internet is the connection of people from various states and continents into a group. You may simply contact people living hundreds of miles from you as if they were situated next door. This feature of the Internet has given an opportunity to share all kinds of files via the Internet. The most popular files to download are audio and video files, games and software. And the most popular on-line source for files downloading is the Rapidshare site. The Rapidshare web site is familiar to almost every constant computer user. Hundreds of people from all over the world apply this hosting to upload and download all types of files. The Rapidshare was based by the German company in the year 2006. It represents a web site invented for files sharing and includes both pay and free of charge services. The web site is financed by the regular fees of paying members. At the same time users that show preference to the free services face with some restrictions and limitations. The activity of the web site is based on the following scheme. A user uploads a file and gets an appropriate link for downloading this file. He is free to share this link with anyone he wants. People that are informed about this URL get a possibility to download the file in question. But without knowing the link there is no possibility of downloading even for the paying members. The Rapidshare web site does not include the search engine. But at present time there are a number of websites that provide a possibility to search the Rapidshare site for the content. After selecting the requested file category at these sites, you just need to enter the name of the song, movie or software in the search box. In a couple of clicks you'll be provided with a link for downloading the requested file from the Rapidshare. This scheme has eliminated the only minus of the Rapidshare website consisting in the impossibility to search the website for content.

Get to know more about the Rapidshare web site services of downloading media files. Much attention is paid to the search of the requested files for downloading.

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