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The Critical Importance Of Staff Vetting
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: January 12, 2011 08:23:12 PM
Category: Education: Career and Vocational

No potential employee provides poor references or includes jobs from which he or she left under pressure to resign or suspicious circumstances. Staff vetting is important because if you hire the wrong people, the results can be anything from minor inconveniences and setbacks to your business or financial disaster. There are several reasons you should have a complete background check done on your staff prior to hiring. Having a professional assessment and thorough examination on a person’s past, character, and employment history enables you to make a wise decision on whether to hire or not. The obvious result is that you can avoid hiring people who will hurt your business and avoid the legal quagmire that might result when you try to fire them later on. The first reason you should practice staff vetting is that your business depends on the people you hire. An employee who you trust to handle money during the course of the day needs to have the highest sense of honesty and loyalty to your company. Many employers hire people who have a history of stealing from employers on a small scale or who have committed outright embezzlement of large amounts of money and never know it. Most businesses can’t survive a constant loss of cash and materials and if you can avoid hiring someone with a history of theft, all the better. If you unknowingly hire a criminal you’ll likely end up a victim. A second reason for staff vetting is the threat of violence and the devastation that workplace violence brings. Some individuals have a criminal history for assault and other violent offenses and if you don’t check, you won’t know. These employees may be fine for a long time and then be triggered by office stress or a personal tragedy. The last thing you want to happen is having staff assaulted or killed by someone who works for you. Not only would this be a personal tragedy for you as a business owner but the result could be financially devastating lawsuits based on negligent hiring practices. The third reason employers should have comprehensive background checks done on potential employees is that the wrong employee can quickly damage the reputation of a business. Potential employees with a history of stealing from customers, lying on their daily performance, stirring up trouble among other employees or with clients, or alcohol and drug abuse, need to be discovered before being offered a job. People do change and often it’s for the better, but if you’re thinking about hiring someone, you need to know what they’re like before you do. Checking the history of current employees isn’t a bad idea, either. Vetting staff can solve current difficulties your business is having with internal theft, vandalism, and poor performance. Staff Vetting, Pre Employment Screening

Knowing the people who work for you takes more than reading a resume and a one-time job interview. Checking a couple of references or contacting a former employer really doesn’t tell you much about who you’re hiring

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