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UFOs, Jacques Vallee And The Parallel Universe
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: January 21, 2011 11:38:11 AM
Category: Society: Religion and Spirituality

Perhaps the world's leading UFO researcher is the French born Jacques Fabrice Vallee (1939- ). He holds degrees in mathematics and astrophysics from the Sorbonne in Paris and the University of Lille respectively. He has lived and worked in the US since 1962. He's made impressive contributions to both high tech computer science and astronomy. In the 70s he worked on several high level computer linking projects on the ARPANET, the precursor of the internet. He is most famous for his groundbreaking work on the study of UFOs. Early in his career in UFO research he promoted and even wrote a book on the extraterrestrial hypothesis of the origin of UFOs This hypothesis claims that UFOs are physical spacecraft from other planets that visit earth periodically for specific purposes such as surveying the earth or studying humanity. By the late 70s Vallee broke with the extraterrestrial hypothesis and embraced the interdimensional hypothesis. The interdimensional hypothesis maintains that UFOs are not spacecraft from other planets but are entities that travel between different dimensions. In other words the UFOs are from a parallel universe which is a universe structured by dimensions different from our own familiar physical universe of the space/time continuum. Years ago I read a scientific article claiming that there are eleven dimensions of reality. More recently, I read that some in the scientific community are now claiming that there are 26 dimensions. They say that these dimensions exist right beside our own familiar spatial dimensions and constitute a distinct universe besides our own, hence the term "parallel universe." General relativity and quantum mechanics are both experimentally verified theories in physics but the trouble with them is that at some points they contradict each other! The effort to reconcile them resulted in the development of string theory. String theory is where we get the inference of extra dimensions of reality. Superstring theory postulates 26 dimensions. I'm gettin' a little too deep in the weeds here. Let's get back to Jacques Vallee. Because of his embrace of the interdimensional hypothesis, Vallee immediately became something of an outcast among those who study UFOs but in the decades since, many more researchers are coming around to agree with him. This is extremely significant because the interdimensional hypothesis squares up nicely with the Bible's view of reality. The Bible has a term for the other dimensional realm or parallel universe. The Bible's term for it is spirit. It is increasingly apparent that UFO phenomena are the work of demons who are from the realm of spirit. Most, if not all, Christian researchers (myself included) hold the interdimensional view. UFOs are not a matter of metal spaceships from far away galaxies. The evidence points to UFOs being demonic manifestations from a different dimension. It is the dimension of spirit where both good and bad angels dwell. Jacques Vallee is not a born again Christian to my knowledge and carries no brief for conservative Christianity. He and the many other researchers who reject the metal flying saucers from outer space concept and embrace the interdimensional view are gathering reams of evidence that unintentionally tends to support the biblical view. Vallee and others have long pondered why UFOs appear on radar and then disappear. They materialize and de-materialize as they cross over from the realm of spirit to the physical universe and then go back to the realm of spirit. Of course, the secular researchers couch their analysis in scientific terms such as "interdimensional" rather than "spirit." In the Bible, good angels materialize and become visible to people and then the angels dematerialize or "disappear." It is possible that heaven itself is in a parallel universe. There's nothing scary or unbiblical about the concept of extra dimensions or parallel universes. We should be aware, however, that the demonic realm also uses these other dimensions and demons travel from these dimensions in order to deceive people. Vallee has discussed at length the religious perspectives of alleged abductees. In UFO research I've read, it is pointed out that UFO abductees tend to be people who were involved in the occult or New Age religions before their "abductions." Vallee has commented on the UFO cults such as Raelism, Heaven's Gate, Aetherius Society and Scientology. Even the Nation of Islam has had input from UFO phenomena. Vallee also claims a UFO connection to the apparitions of Mary at Fatima and at Lourdes. Vallee has also postulated that the deceptive communications from UFOs are an attempt to bring about a major change in human society. The human contactees are often persuaded to adopt authoritarian political and religious views. I would point out that this lines up with biblical prophecies of an end time deception and authoritarian rule by the antichrist. The thirteenth chapter of the book of Re ...

Leading UFO researcher Jacques Vallee has some intriguing views on the origin and explanation of UFOs. His embrace of the interdimensional view has immense implications for religion and spirituality.

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