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Mineral Makeup: Future of Skin Care
Author Name: Dona Hertz
Date added: November 13, 2009 06:10:15 AM
Category: Shopping: Shopping Services

Dona Hertz has striven to create the finest natural and organic products for home and body available anywhere. Dona Hertz, an expert in pure natural naked minerals makeup products, is known for her strong belief that you should never compromise quality. Dona Hertz has found out twelve serious reasons to use mineral makeup including; complete coverage, removes redness, non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, sun protection, anti-inflammatory, water resistant, environmental protection, contains no talc, no vegetable dyes, no cancer causing chemicals and no animal testing. Dona Hertz beliefs that natural makeup products must be possessed with the power of whole plant nutrition, including nutrients, trace minerals and powerful anti-oxidants. Mineral Makeup is the Makeup of the future. It is a revolutionary phenomenon that is sweeping the country as the fastest growing makeup used in the world. Mineral makeup was actually introduced around 10 years ago and sold only by Dermatologists, Laser and Plastic Surgeons. These professionals originally used mineral makeup because it offered their patients the coverage they needed without irritating their skin. After the patients healed however, they continued wanting to use the natural makeup because they found it is not only healthy, but they also found that it was the most beautiful makeup they had ever used; and they kept buying it. Mineral makeup most commonly refers to a mineral foundation in loose powder format. The most common mineral foundations used as the base are bismuth oxychloride, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide; ultramarine, which is derived from lapis lazuli; and titanium dioxide. Normally only mineral foundation is made from pure minerals. However, talc is also a mineral, so a talc-based powder could be considered a mineral makeup. The best mineral makeup does not contain fragrances, dyes, mineral oil or preservatives, common causes of allergies. Unlike other mineral makeup, Naked Minerals makeup is 100% pure minerals. Naked Minerals is made up of only natural ingredients and mineral pigments. First of all, Naked Minerals is not a loose mineral powder. Also, the loose formula is messy and complaints of it getting on women's clothes and counter tops are frequent. The quickest and most convenient way to use mineral makeup is in a pressed form. Naked Minerals is tripled milled. It's pulverized to the finest particle size so it won't fall off skin, thus causing it to mesh with skin and fill any pores to become one with skin. Naked Minerals grabs and holds the skin. It is also micronized for smooth particles so the microscopic particles have no rough edges to cut or scrape on skin. Naked Minerals is sterilized for 100% purity. There is no higher grade mineral makeup on the market than this. Besides being the most beautiful makeup in the world, pure mineral makeup is great for the skin and can actually help prevent future wrinkles, because it naturally helps block the sun's harmful rays. Another added benefit is the naked effect. Naked Minerals finishes off with a look of beautiful, radiant glow that one can only get with mineral makeup. It is the fastest and easiest makeup to apply and just takes a few minutes to completely apply to the face cheeks, eyes, and lips. Naked Minerals is a 24 hour makeup and because it is water resistant. The makeup is like a semi-permanent stain on the skin though, so if anybody applies it to lips and top with a gloss, a long lasting color can be experienced. Within the past few years however, mineral makeup has hit the mainstream and now it is the makeup of choice by women who want beautiful skin immediately and in the future. About the Author: Dona Hertz is specialist in providing Pure Natural Naked Minerals Makeup for all of us. Dona Hertz has been providing Minerals makeup, Natural makeup. Dona Hertz has been providing Natural makeup, mineral foundation.

Dona Hertz has striven to create the finest natural and organic products for home and body available anywhere. Dona Hertz, an expert in pure natural naked minerals makeup products

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