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Finding Catering And Chef Jobs Online
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: February 02, 2011 07:45:16 PM
Category: Education: Career and Vocational

Word of mouth will generally be helpful, especially for catering positions. But chef positions are usually more of a referral type job. You must build a reputation as a chef before the really good positions are opened up for you. As a chef, there are many possibilities to consider. You may start as a pastry chef and work your way through other positions and finally reach the head chef position at a certain place. Or you may begin as a line cook and gradually move up to that position as well. It is uncommon for one to begin as a head chef without first working in other positions. For catering jobs, one must often accept smaller, less glamorous assignments before one can be awarded the luxury positions of catering high profile events. Many times with both types of positions, your reputation will be your best advertisement. Doing good work at each assignment will help to build your reputation and will result in offers of greater value. One bad review can be the downfall of a caterer or a chef. Signing up for a membership on sites provides chefs and caters with an ability to discuss issues with assignments and exchange ideas for dishes. Some sites offer the ability to blog your experiences and have a forum for discussing job openings as well. Taking classes and getting a degree in catering or as a chef means attending a specialized cooking school. Being alumni of these schools also can help increase your employment chances and help connect you with others in the same field. It's a commonly known fact that by using resources such as other chefs and caters as well as school resources can help one find the ideal job faster than trying to do so on your own. Doing research on the different types of jobs a chef can have and the different options for catering as well can help you expand your job search. A chef can also do catering for events. A caterer could work in a restaurant as well. When searching for these types of jobs, it is important to keep your options open and not try to narrow your search to one specific type of job. Caterers should always be open to a wide variety of events and not just focus on one type, such as wedding receptions. While wedding receptions may be a major source of business in certain seasons, they may not be an all season event. Therefore considering other events such as open houses and conferences will help to expand your job market. Chef Jobs, Catering Jobs

When looking for a catering job or a chef job, sometimes one must look in places other than the traditional job search areas. Because these are considered specialty positions, it is often difficult to locate job adverts

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