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Using Power Drills Correctly
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: February 03, 2011 07:23:48 AM
Category: Arts & Humanities

Many today can be adapted for use as a power screwdriver, making them handy for everyone at one point or another. Power drills are not only used in many areas of daily life, they are also available as battery operated or electrical plug in types. A carpenter may use a battery powered power drill every day in their job. Some may choose a plug in style to avoid having to change the batteries throughout the day. Rechargeable battery powered drills are very handy for use around the house too. Because the power drill is so adaptable today, just about every tool box has one. Work around the home is much more simple with a power drill. A task that used to require a hammer and nails and smashed fingertips can now be easily accomplished with a power drill. Because of the variety of sizes it is available in, even ladies can use them around the house for small tasks. High powered drills are available for very large jobs such as building a home or assembling a machine. Many mechanics have power drills for use on vehicles simply because the power drill is faster and more powerful than using a hand drill or a manual screwdriver. Mechanics also use air powered drills for quicker and easier completion of their jobs. Whether choosing air, electric or battery powered drills, it's important to follow the proper safety precautions. One should always wear safety goggles when operating this type of tool. In some occupations it is also required that one wear hand protection as well as a helmet for protecting the head from falling objects. Power drills should be treated as a tool and not as a toy. They can be very dangerous is not used properly. In addition to having the choice of air, electric or battery powered, these drills also are made by several different manufacturers in many different sizes and styles. For everyday household use, one will likely require only a small size whereas those who use the power drills for work will likely want to go with larger, more powerful versions. Battery operated power drills usually can be purchased in their own carrying case which will include a spot for the battery, the charger and the drill unit itself. This helps to keep all of it together in one place. Carpenters especially like these units because they are powerful enough for the jobs that they are trying to complete as well as compact enough to carry with them up a ladder or into smaller spaces. Air powered drills tend to be a bit bulky and also must be plugged into an air compressor in order to work. For this reason they are generally used in a shop where the air compressor is located. However, a portable air tank can be used for very small jobs away from an electrical source as well. Power Drills, Cordless Drills

Power drills are used in many areas. Carpenters, machinists, and mechanics all use power drills in some form or another. Power drills are useful for many things.

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