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Wedding Caterers Serve Up A Great Meal
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: February 12, 2011 07:20:23 PM
Category: Arts & Humanities

• Brief history Catering actually can be traced back to the 4th millennium BC in China. During this time in China as well as in Ancient Egypt and Greece, a form of catering was used to provide food for those traveling on the trade routes. The idea of catering hit its peak during the Middle Ages as it spread throughout Europe and evolved into not only providing food for travelers but for formal get-togethers for the upper echelon, such as for weddings. By the mid 1800’s, Alexis Soyer invented the first catering boiler which used steam to help keep dishes at their proper temperature prior to serving. • Catering benefits Although the intent of catering has changed throughout the years and has evolved extensively from simply providing food for travelers, it continues to be a vital part of society. Even today, the need for a professional catering service does enter most peoples’ lives with a wedding. The wedding caterer has the unique ability to not only present a full customized menu but also a visually appealing atmosphere for the venue, decorations, linens and tableware, full waiter services, and event coordination. This enables them to guide together the overall theme and cuisine of each event. The menu options, how many guests will be attending, the couple’s budget, and most important the caterer’s experience and reputation in the industry are some of the things brides and grooms-to-be should be involved in. Professional wedding caterers are a major contributor to the economy. More importantly, they serve to make a couple?s wedding reception expectations a total success. Food still remains an essential ingredient for every wedding celebration. • Considerations The location of the venue can be taken in an account for food selections for the reception menu. Gear the cuisine towards the surroundings of the reception, whether it is planned for outdoors, in a museum or a grand ballroom. This makes a difference as to whether the formality of the affair requires a sit down seven course meal or more of a casual mode filled with a variety of appetizers/tapas, desserts and cocktails. Careful deliberation of all menu items chosen should keep the guests in mind. • Seasonal specialties Match the menu to the season. It will not only blend well with the weather conditions but also suggest produce and fruits that are in-season will be the freshest possible. Winter menus should be rich and warming, while summer menus will be light and refreshing. The days of the standard tasteless prime ribs and bland chicken breast are long gone by utilizing the services of the ideal wedding caterer. Go for gourmet fare that is creative, delicious and exciting for a couple?s wedding reception meal. Finally, it is best to have a little extra rather than not enough. However, a foremost wedding caterer has already undergone all, and their experience and knowledge is unsurpassed. Wedding Caterers, Wedding Venues

Catering a meal for a wedding reception is something not to take for granted. A wedding caterer is a necessary component for a couple?s most important moment, their wedding and reception.

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