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Tips For Buying Contact Lenses Online
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: February 16, 2011 01:49:18 AM
Category: Arts & Humanities: Shopping and Services

Lenses sold online are cheaper since the store buys in bulk and pays for less overhead costs. Before starting you quest for online discounts, read the tips below and then make that decision. Normally, purchasing a set of contact lenses requires a prescription from your eye care professional. In a non-virtual, regular, face-to-face transaction, the optical or vision center will not allow you to buy your lenses unless you have a current and valid prescription from your eye doctor. This should also apply in your virtual transaction. Why is this important? You are assured that the online store is careful about non-compliance with regulations set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If you are about to make a purchase from an online store that you are not familiar with, inquire about the reputation of the company from people you know. If this is not possible, find out about the store through online reviews and recommendations from other customers. If there are sites or forums catering specifically to consumers of eye care products, try to visit and ask around. Although this takes time, you are at least assured of the reliability of the online store. Do not switch your regular brand to another just because a discount is offered. If you are seeking a good deal out of your online transaction, make sure that you are getting a discount for buying the brand and lens specification that has been prescribed for you. Your prescription indicates specific information about the type of lens that you can only purchase and this is based on the diagnosis of your eye care professional. So, if you are buying online, do not forget to check the brand and specifications of the product to see if it matches with your prescription. If you have several online stores offering the same discount for the brand of your choice, try to find out if the deal includes taxes plus shipping and delivery to your location. Some online stores advertise a higher price for their lenses with the tax and delivery fees included. Others exclude these charges but offer a lower cost. Still others offer additional discount if you purchase more than a pair of lenses. Compare store deals before making your final purchase. And remember, some discounts are not what they appear to be and price should not supersede quality of the product. Finally, if you think that a store is violating FTC regulations, do not hesitate to report the store to this agency. Failure to properly verify your prescription with your eye care professional is an example of a reportable violation. When doing online transactions, remember that not all stores are legitimate and not all sellers have the best intentions for their customers. Contact Lenses Online, Contact Lenses

We live in an age where online stores are accessible to everyone and almost any product, including prescription contact lenses, can be purchased with a click of a button

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