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Life of an Athlete Program Inspires Kids to Stay C
Author Name: Toney.Taylor
Date added: February 18, 2011 05:34:57 AM
Category: Health: Alternative Medicine

In the course of your child’s high school career, he or she may be pressured numerous times to use drugs or alcohol. Many concerned parents not only use home drug tests to keep their children accountable, but encourage their participation in an innovative drug prevention program called “The Life of an Athlete”, which inspires kids to stay clean. About the Program Originating in New Mexico, which has the highest percentage of students who begin drinking by the age of 13, the Life of an Athlete Program is a nationwide alcohol and drug prevention program that focuses on middle and high school athletes. It was designed to send a clear message that athletes should not use alcohol or drugs because it diminishes performance. Why the Program is Beneficial As the parent of a high school athlete, it is likely that you have signed a permission form each year giving your consent for the mandatory drug testing that most athletic programs require. High school athletic departments often simply use a home drug test or other drug testing program to perform random drug testing. While mandatory drug testing has proven to decrease drug use in dedicated athletes, government studies have shown that these tests are more likely to increase drug use in marginal athletes who eventually cease participation. This is where a program like Life of an Athlete is beneficial. What the Program Teaches The program introduces athletes to the risks of drug use: alcohol and drug use interrupts the sleep cycle, inhibits the ability to learn new information, and can cause loss of motor coordination, dehydration and a decrease in growth hormones. It also can inhibit the absorption of nutrients and affect both aerobic metabolism and endurance, all of which might negate the benefits of training, increase the chance of injury and slow healing times. How the Program Helps Parents and Coaching Staff The Life of an Athlete program helps parents and coaches to recognize the extent of substance abuse in athletes and to develop an action plan to promote an alcohol- and drug-free lifestyle. It also helps parents and coaches respond when a substance abuse problem exists and prevents further drug use in the athletic program. The combination of parents using a home drug test to help their children stay clean and supporting unique programs like The Life of an Athlete, provides students with a supportive environment which inspires them to stay clean and perform to the best of their ability. To get the highest quality home drug test for the best value, join Drug Test Club today! Their FDA-approved tests are specifically designed to be very easy and highly effective. Drug Test Club’s home drug tests provide an affordable alternative to the traditional drug testing methods, allowing you to perform testing on ten of the most commonly used drugs in an efficient and safe manner. Call Drug Test Club today at 1-877-986-2582 to speak with a drug testing expert or visit their website at Heather Preston home drug test - Drug Test Club branded home drug test is 99% accurate and tests for 10 popular drugs of abuse.

Many concerned parents not only use home drug tests to keep their children accountable, but encourage their participation in an innovative drug prevention program called The Life of an Athlete, which inspires kids to stay clean.

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