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With Marijuana Accessibility on the Rise, Home Dru
Author Name: Toney.Taylor
Date added: February 18, 2011 05:35:44 AM
Category: Health: Alternative Medicine

In 2010, one of the most talked about ballot initiatives in the nation is Proposition 19, which would legalize marijuana in the state of California. If it passes this year, it would revolutionize the state's drug laws, provoke a confrontation with the federal government and initiate the movement to pass similar laws in other states. With marijuana becoming increasingly available and drug use increasing, many parents rely on a home drug test to keep their kids accountable. Marijuana Use Has Increased According to a federal government study released in September of 2010, illegal drug use has risen to the highest level in nearly a decade. The study reported that the recent uptake in overall illicit drug use was largely caused by the use of marijuana and a broadening public perception that marijuana is not harmful. Marijuana has proven to be harmful, not only because it is more potent today than it was in the past, but because of the behavioral problems it causes in teens. Marijuana is Harmful Although marijuana may not be as dangerous or addictive as other illegal drugs, it is not harmless. It is important for parents to counteract the message that marijuana is not harmful, because of the behavioral problems seen in teens who use it. Many teens who use marijuana eventually move on to harder drugs. Marijuana use is also associated with truancy and lower grades. But the greatest concern for many parents is the studies that show that marijuana is more potent now than ever before. Today’s Marijuana is More Potent According to a report from the University of Mississippi’s Potency Monitoring Project, marijuana is more potent than at any time since scientific analysis of the drug began in the 1970s. Average amount of THC in marijuana, the primary psychoactive ingredient in the drug, was tested at 9.6% --more than double the potency of marijuana in 1983. The highest concentration of THC found in a single sample was 37.2%. The increase in marijuana’s potency and availability has become a serious concern for many parents because it can cause mental impairment and is widely believed to trigger changes in the brain that can lead to addiction. Parents and schools with extra-curricular activities have found that the most proactive way to counteract the increase in drug use is to use a home drug test. A home drug test not only keeps kids accountable, but facilitates prevention and early treatment for students who have become addicted. To get the highest quality home drug test for the best value, join Drug Test Club today! Their FDA-approved tests are specifically designed to be very easy and highly effective. Drug Test Club’s home drug tests provide an affordable alternative to the traditional drug testing methods, allowing you to perform testing on ten of the most commonly used drugs in an efficient and safe manner. Call Drug Test Club today at 1-877-986-2582 to speak with a drug testing expert or visit their website at Heather Preston home drug test - Drug Test Club branded home drug test is 99% accurate and tests for 10 popular drugs of abuse.

With marijuana becoming increasingly available and drug use increasing, many parents rely on a home drug test to keep their kids accountable.

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