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Magento VS Prestashop What Is My Best Option
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: February 21, 2011 08:28:49 PM
Category: Blogs: Internet

In this article we are going to look at our favourite open source ecommerce solutions both for looks and functionality. The most important factor is the visual appeal to visitors, it is all well and good having lots of fancy functions but if visitors are clicking away quickly then this will seriously impact on sales. So the look and feel need to be right to give a good image and make the shopping experience a nice and pleasant one, extra funtions can then be included or added to enhance this overal experience. Our two favourite open source programs have to be Magento and Prestashop and for very different reasons. They have the ability to be visually stunning, there are some amazing templates that can be used (most cost so be prepared for this) however if you are fairly skilled at web design and in particular CSS, you can create something really nice from the standard free templates by changing sizes, colours and images. Out of the two mentioned earlier, I find Prestashop a lot easier to design with and it is a more simplified program, Magento is quite difficult to get your head around as it uses several layers and identifying what file control what can be a task in itself. We have built many shops using both Magento and Prestashop and our decision on which to use comes down to functions. So if you require multiple sites, or multiple shipping options or even up sell and cross selling then Magento is your best option. However if you are looking for something that works well and is easy to use, then choose Prestashop. Stock is also an important factor, if you have many stock items Magento's product management is quite amazing and the ability to import 1,000's of stock items from a spreadsheet is quite amazing. You can also do this in Prestashop but not as well as Magento. So to sum up, if you want good looks, not too many functions and a site that is simple to manage and you have less than 300 products, then you need to look at Prestashop. If your requirements are to have every conceivable function that sophisticated ecommerce stores have and have a lot of patients (or a good web designer) the Magento is the one for you. Something also to note here is the hosting of both options, many people go wrong by choosing the cheapest hosting you can find, only to run into major problems with installation and running of your new ecommerce site. It is really important that you choose a hosting company that have specific hosting plans for the solution you have chosen as their needs are different and Magento especially can really drain resources as they are very heavy on memory and space required to run properly. So, like building a real store, make sure your foundations are rock solid (hosting package) you can then build the store you want and more importantly have your store grow over time. If the foundations are not up to scratch then you store can crash and you might be left having to start from scratch. So save yourself a headache and choose the right hosting company. Ecommerce Hosting, Magento Hosting

We have built many shops using both Magento and Prestashop and our decision on which to use comes down to functions.

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