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Problems With Opiate Painkillers
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: February 24, 2011 07:59:20 PM
Category: Blogs: Health

There are literally thousands and perhaps millions of people in our country that are physically addicted to narcotic painkillers, such as hydrocodone or morphine. The end result is that many of these patients are going to alcohol and drug rehab centers because they are innocently taking medications that will overpower their reasoning. These drugs are effective medicines to relieve pain, but the downside of their addiction potential should be a red flag to physicians to limit the numbers and types of patients that are given these dangerous opiate painkillers. Painkillers are prescribed by physicians that are either in denial about their addiction potential or they are plain greedy and do not want to lose their patients to another doctor of even lose an office visit. Either way, there needs to be more checks and balances when it comes to oversight on physicians that are drugging our children and their parents on drugs that can dismantle a the family structure. When the time comes that one’s doctor decides that there is no longer a medical necessity for the continued use of these opiates, they usually don’t address the problems that the patient is going to experience when they stop taking them abruptly, but will usually say that this is the last prescription that they are going to get. Most patients are not going to let the physical pain from withdrawals keep them from stopping their dependence on these drugs, but about ten to fifteen percent of the population feel that they can’t live as well without them and they will then start feigning illnesses in order to keep their doctors prescribing these drugs. On a silent level, the doctors many times know this as well and they are playing along since it will help their practices to have ore patients and more money. There are too many doctors that are worried about paying off their student loans and keeping up with their expectations of how a doctor should live to not drive many of them to over-medicating their patients Many European countries don’t have the variety of opiate painkillers that we have in America. The pharmaceutical industry in our country is enslaving our friends and neighbors to disable themselves for the betterment of the company. We are so interested in profits that we are abusing our patients. Many of those that are put on opiates will find themselves in drug rehab or alcohol and drug treatment. Addictions are many times manufactured by the medical doctors that we believe are going to solve our problems. This is a huge issue in America. drug rehab in Texas, drug treatment referral in Texas

Many people are taking opiate painkillers for pain that doesn't need that level of medication. After a short time these patients find that the are physically addicted and needing medical detox.

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