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Advice On Television Interference
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: March 01, 2011 03:29:14 AM
Category: Blogs: Home and Garden

Poor television reception can be extremely frustrating! Sometimes your reception can go from good to bad very quickly without an obvious cause or reason. Some time this is because of a fault in your television system, however external factors maybe causing interference and hampering your television reception. Picture drop-out, pixelation and sound quality issues are common issues when suffering from from interference. Rather than spending time trying to diagnose complicated problems and risking injury by climbing rooftops to inspect an aerial; its a good idea to hire a professional. Here are some common reasons for interference. Too much signal? Its possible that you are living to close a a television signal transmitter. To much signal can overload your Freeview receiver. This problem is solved by installing a aerial attenuator into your television system to reduce the signal. Professional television installers will be able to diagnose this problem and install a attenuator to correct the issue. An attenuator is a small device fitted in line with the cable that connects your television aerial to your system. It is a relatively inexpensive item to purchase and fit. Check your aerial Damaged, poorly aligned or not up to the job aerials can reduce signal strength and give external television interference a chance to take hold. For best results you need a good quality rooftop aerial, aligned perfectly at the correct digital transmitter. Electrical interference Interference from other electrical items around your house is a an occasional cause of poor reception/interference. For example your picture quality may suffer when a light is switched on, the washing machine is on. Terrestrial digital TV in particular is susceptible to interference of this kind. There is many solutions to interference of this kind, usually it can be solved by combining a good quality external aerial with a high quality unbroken cable to your set top box. Radio interference If you live close to a police station, taxi firm, amateur radio/CB radio enthusiast it is possible that the signals transmitted from these can be interfering with your television. There are special filters and ferrite rings which can be installed to remove this form of interferance as well as electrical interference. Channel interference Video recorders and some set-top boxes 're-broadcast' their signal via aerial cable. Often known as 'modulating', it allows equipment without SCART sockets to view the equipment's output. If you're seeing interference to channels, it is possible its caused by something in your setup clashing with other channels. TV Aerials Watford, TV Aerial Fitting Watford

Poor television reception can be extremely frustrating! Sometimes your reception can go from good to bad very quickly without an obvious cause or reason.

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