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Recession A Boon Or Curse For MBA Professionals
Author Name: pamelaperez
Date added: March 12, 2011 05:17:52 PM
Category: Entertainment

The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible by Arthur C. Clarke Recession is one word that is being heard for a long time, but has it really affected all. Not really, but only those people were affected who have not changed themselves for it. All the days cannot be golden. Every day will not be a Sunday, so we cannot expect that we have the same period every time. As we grow in age, in education and our mind we also need to grow, grow strong through our will. And while you have been growing you have seen many things in your life, your dad or mom being ill, your lower grades and sometimes you being the best student. Same is the market, if you have seen the highest values of shares in market then there is a possibility of them also going down. So you then need to believe in yourself and not others. You are one of the fortunate to have an MBA Degree, not all do and, you are one of those fortunate to face the recession, not will. This is the only opportunity to make use and actualize what you learnt in your MBA College. Grab this opportunity! During your MBA Course you are taught the skills, the techniques, to handle different situations, not all learn this. This MBA degree will make you acquire what all cannot and what others have desired and were not able to achieve. Two years of extensive and intensive training given to you at your B-School, gives you knowledge in some specialized areas like marketing, retailing, sales, finance, etc. the case studies that you do in the training period give you a clear picture of how to handle the most difficult situation that people and managers have faced before. Therefore the business strategies are not limited only to book knowledge but it also includes practical and real life situations. The summer internships and projects completed during your MBA Courses provide you with a valuable and real life experience and prepare you for the worst. It makes you stronger to face the challenges posed by different companies suffering the adversities of recession. Thus, you holding an MBA Degree make you more employable. Thus you can say that an MBA Degree, if completed from a reputed B-School provides you with the passport to a better life which can even help you fight the hazards of recessions. Many have this question in mind "can anything bail you out of recession?" Well there may not be any definite answer but an MBA Degree will surely help you face this situation. Doing MBA does not only equip you with the academic qualification but you also learn the methods of multitasking, which the most important in today's corporate world. During recession employers look for people who can do two to three jobs to reduce staff. So the methods of multitasking taught at your B-School will be like a boon to you at the time of recession. An MBA Degree also helps the students to develop their leadership skills that help them survive the hardship of economic downturns. This degree enhances the individuals with the expertise that makes them a leader in their own specific field. Moreover, the lectures taken itself gives students the exposure to submitting rigorous assignments, giving presentation, tasks, thus adapting to difficult situations. All the researches, collected material, innovative and creative ideas gathered by them and their fellow mates become useful at the time of recession. And it's easier to utilize them because they have already been discussed and explained by their professors in class. So, I leave it to you to think if Recession is a boon or Curse for an MBA Professional. writing service

The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible by Arthur C. Clarke Recession is one word that is being heard for a long time, but has it really affected all. Not really

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