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The Beauty of Vibration Alarm Watches
Author Name: Jeremy franks
Date added: March 19, 2011 09:49:28 AM
Category: Shopping: Health

When talking about alarm watches most people only relate to sound or beep chronographs that have been around for a long while now. Going deeper, can such a watch be of help to a deaf person or can it be used to alert you while you’re attending a church service or a boardroom meeting where silence needs to be observed? Of course not - we need some sort of discrete alert system and this is where the alarm watch with vibration alerts comes in. Watches with vibrating alarms have particularly found application among those of us under medication. Some people need to take their medicine at certain precise times of the day without fail and as such alarm watches are a necessity for them. Such people also like to keep their medication regimens as discreet as possible and therefore a vibratory alert comes in very handy in that it will alert only the watch bearer and not even the person closest will notice it. Some of these watches feature both chime and vibration alerts so you can choose between them for your convenience. Being on medication also means that you need to take your pills several times a day. Accordingly, the market now has alarm wrist watches with multi independent alarm capability. There are models with up to twelve alarms, which can be set individually for different agendas of the day. These alarm watches are mostly normal looking and will not arouse any unnecessary attention in that even when used as medication reminders they do not look anything like medical watches. However most of these watches are ordinary and plain looking, but some of these watches, such as Almeda Multi Alarm watches are beautifully styled men and women timepieces suitable for both formal and casual appearances. Some models of these watches such as those from Almeda Time Products feature an alarm confirmation utility where you can ascertain which alarms have been set and whether the alerts are vibration or sound alarms. Almeda watches are high quality alarm watches with a six independent alarm vibration/chime capability and which also come supplied with accessories such as extra battery, wristwatch screwdriver, credit card size quick setting manuals, and a warranty. Accessories for Almeda watches are also found on their website. Some of these alarm watches are very complex to use while others are quite simple to use. Looking at Almeda watches again you will find that they are dedicated for reminder purposes only and thus such functions such as stopwatch, hourly chime, countdown and other confusing applications are absent. Their alarm programming and time/date setting functions are easy to follow and understand. Other than Almeda, there are also some other vibration alarm alert watches which feature time zone setting capability.

When talking about alarm watches most people only relate to sound or beep chronographs that have been around for a long while now.

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