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Mistakes Guys Make That The Pick Up Artists Won't
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: March 23, 2011 11:17:32 PM
Category: Arts & Humanities

Mistakes Guys Make Dating Tips for Men Sometimes the key to picking up a girl and dating her is not screwing up. Most men seem to mess up every possible situation. We talk about ourselves, exaggerate, we don't listen, we dress like bums, and we don't pay for dinner. Half the battle is not to screw up. Pick up artists don't screw up We think women want looks and money Not True. Women are attracted to how a man makes them feel. Sure if you look like a troll that grills squirrel under a bridge, she will be repulsed. And yes there are the gold diggers that you want to avoid. Learning the attraction principles of women is key, not looks and money. The player knows the attraction principles. If you understand the keys of seduction you hold the power as if you had all the looks and money in the world. Taking control, humor, dance, chivalry, and adapting to different women like a chameleon on a rock will pay spades in your quest for whatever girl you want. That said, obviously, looks can help. We are not all blessed with looks like Brad Pit so we need to counter this with preparation. Money can help too, this we can control, I'll talk about how I've made my money later. Being unprepared Yes, you need to be prepared! How many times have you been in a situation, seen a pretty lady and said, "I wish I had something to say". And in the amount of time it took me to write that sentence you just broke a golden rule. As soon as you see a woman and she sees you, the clock starts. If you don’t approach immediately, the situation becomes awkward. She realizes you are not an alpha male, and she moves on. You’ve blown another opportunity. Be prepared. Your body, your hygiene, your clothes, your opening lines. She will notice. Learn eye contact and body language. You need to know when to kiss her and how. Not only will preparation make your life so much easier, you will dust your lame competition. The pick up artist is always prepared. Not getting help Yes I’m trying to promote my own ass, I admit. But why not listen to the pros? Listen, put me on the golf course and I will hit the guy behind me off the skull, but stick me in a venue with hot pussy and I’ll blow your mind. My point being is admit your dating skills could use some help, and reach out and get some. I know it’s a subject that is hard to do, but hey, I won’t judge you. Just don’t judge my golf game! I and the pros that join me, can change your life. Don’t be an open book Women need mystery. Don’t expose your feelings like she is you’re psychologist. She’s not. Don’t let her label you. Ask the questions and listen. When she asks, be a little vague. If she can’t figure you out it will drive her crazy. Women need to know things about a man. Even more powerful is have traits of varying personalities. Act crazy one minute and be that mature, sophisticated guy the next. The player is always mysterious. To follow up The pick up artist rarely screws up. By avoiding these mistakes that men make with women and re-inventing yourself with these web pages, you can change your love life, and in doing so change your entire life. Think about it. I hold the power to teach you how to get any available girl. You hold the power to listen. Your call. Dating Tips for Men, The Pick Up Artist

Sometimes the key to picking up a girl and dating her is not screwing up. Most men seem to mess up every possible situation. We talk about ourselves, exaggerate, and we don't listen. The pick up artist doesn't screw up.

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