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Author Name: neoktos55
Date added: April 18, 2011 04:17:15 AM
Category: Shopping: Wholesale

The term of cabin as a temporary place of living is well known in the sphere of building industry. When construction employees work on constructing some object they need to have a place to have a rest and to be protected from bad weather conditions, such as heavy snowing in winter and heat in summer. Most building companies build such cabins at every construction site. In addition, sometimes it's required to arrange accounting office and security post as well. In case the building company has to build all these cabins at each site of construction it will cost a big amount of money. But these days there is an opportunity to receive mobile cabins that may be used for various construction sites. This way every construction company will have to pay for the producing cabins only once. After that it will be possible to apply these cabins in different sites of construction by moving them from place to place. Block containers or module buildings that are represented by frame constructions are now widely applied as a temporary building at the sites of construction. The frame is made from solid steel and the walls of the cabin are made from skid. The building can be easily moved in the body of the truck or by means of attaching wheels to the cabin. The minimal life duration of such block container isn't less than 10 years. It is possible to construct the whole building including several rooms by means of block containers. Block containers can be located horizontally on the ground, or vertically in order to construct a building of 2 or 3 floors. Any room in the cabin can be arranged according to your needs. For instance, arranging water supply system in any room will make it possible to create a bathroom. If organizing heating system in the building it is possible to make them suitable for living in winter. Block containers are also popular in private building. For instance, when you are going to build a cottage house in the countryside you can apply a block container as a temporary place for living during the construction works. After the cottage is built the cabin can be reorganized as a shed or a bathhouse.

The article describes the construction of container cabins used for temporary living. Much attention is paid to the benefits of using mobile cabins for construction organizations.

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