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Lose Weight Successfully with a HCG Drops Diet
Author Name: David Lynch
Date added: April 28, 2011 03:35:39 PM
Category: Arts & Humanities: Events

It is no longer mere fuss but a proven fact that a HCG drop influenced diet is possibly the best weight loss aid there has ever been. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin - HCG, a natural hormone that exists in our bodies is useful in suppressing appetite, which is one way of getting to the ultimate weight loss goal. This HCG drops diet also influences the hypothalamus gland to cause the mobilization of the stored fat in the main weight gain areas such as the underarms, thighs, hips, stomach and the buttocks. This fat is in turn burnt into calories to make up for the energy deficiencies caused by the diet. The use of the HCG drops diet was first introduced by one Dr. Simeon back in the 1950s. The initial diets left the patients frail because they were low in carbohydrates and so there weren’t enough calories for their energy needs. Many people who have used HCG drop solutions in recent times report that they have never suffered hunger bouts yet they have experienced fast weight loss. Back in the fifties only HCG injections were available but they were overlooked because of the obvious pain and the fact that since injectable medications are closely regulated they also tend to be very expensive. The HCG drop solutions available now provide a painless remedy. The drops are also alcohol-free so there is no bitter taste to discourage you against this weight loss solution. Patients also love the HCG drops because they are not prescription drugs hence they are widely available from your favorite store, grocery shop and even more conveniently, online. The cost is hardly comparable to what the injections used to cost. Moreover, probably the best thing is that after successfully taking the HCG drops diet the body is reset to a new weight and metabolism rate and so there is minimal risk of regressing to an unhealthy weight. With the market flooding with different HCG drop products, there is a dire need to ensure that patients get authentic products. Other than that, patients should also opt for HCG products that contain extra minerals, amino acids and vitamins, especially vitamin B12. This is because their diets, being small food rations, can easily miss out on these very essential nutrients thus resulting in other deficiency related problems. A HCG drops diet featuring such nutrients can thus be considered a balanced meal. Most HCG drops diet side effects are related to dehydration as the body uses plenty of water to facilitate the movement of the mobilized fats. It is therefore absolutely necessary to keep yourself hydrated by taking around four quarts of water a day. For more information about HCG drops diet Please visit

It is no longer mere fuss but a proven fact that a HCG drop influenced diet is possibly the best weight loss aid there has ever been.

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