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Stunning Beautiful Indian Jewellery
Author Name: Michel Hussy
Date added: May 04, 2011 04:13:39 PM
Category: Arts & Humanities: Shopping and Services

India, the land which is better known as the gem bearing country, has a rich tradition of Indian jewellery in the country. Indian jewellery has always attracted people from around the world and has made an everlasting impression over the fashionistas across the globe. From Paris to Australia, people bow down to the fine quality and never ending designs of Indian jewellery, thus accepting the significance of the title given to it. Interestingly, Indian jewellery is not only used as ornament for the people, but also, for royal animals like elephants and tigers on special occasions to add class and stature to the ceremony. Initially, Indian jewellery, (around 5000 years ago) was a means of distinction between the males and the females, but over the years, the craft gained new designs, styles, classes, colors and thus it became an art which was loved by one and all. It may still be a mystery as to where and when did the Indian jewellery originate though it is believed that it dates back to the Vedic period. Be it the Ramayana or the holy Mahabharata, one read a vivid description of the Indian jewelries that the Gods and Goddesses wore in that period. Leave apart the metal age, it is considered that Indian jewellery in India had even gone back to the wooden age when women used to wear ear and neck pieces, nicely carved out of wood. The third century goes back in the history of the Indian jewellery sector, as the country then was a leading exporter of precious gemstones across the globe. The most appealing factor regarding Indian jewellery lies in the fact that you would get an amazing range of ornamental pieces for about any part of the body you desire for. The range varies from the conventional neckpieces, ear rings, anklets, nose rings to stone studded belts worn around the waist over the Indian dresses like saris. Pertaining to a diverse cultural heritage, and an amalgam of many regions and religions, the styles and designs of the Indian jewellery, hence get classified as we move from north to south. Each area has its own specializations. Though, the earliest materials that were put to use for production of Indian jewellery majorly consisted of wood and bones, the Indian jewellery market has come a very long way ever since. These days, the designers try their level best to bring up some of the most exotic designs that would leave you swooning over them. The distinct features of every sole piece of Indian jewellery you would pick up in the market would speak for the grace in the artists’ hands. For more information about Indian jewellery please visit

India, the land which is better known as the gem bearing country, has a rich tradition of Indian jewellery in the country.

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