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Erectile Dysfunction and its effect on a relations
Author Name: shahid
Date added: July 20, 2010 11:46:03 AM
Category: Health: Men's Health

"A man experienced erectile dysfunction and no intimacy in the final 8 years of his marriage - Needless to say, the relationship ended". It is a world known fact that a person happy and satisfied with his sex life lives more than those who take their sexual health and pleasure for granted. If you are facing sexual problems like Erectile dysfunction, then it is very essential to solve it rather than shying and leaving it as then it would bring about several negative repercussions, the worst being a setback to your relationship. Erectile dysfunction from the Male Point of view… Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction causes a man to be unable to achieve or maintain an erection, and can be psychological or biological. Erectile Dysfunction does not only influence the life & life style of the male partner but it also affects his relationships and his social status is on a huge risk. A man becomes more stressed because he feels the pressure to perform and respond sexually when he cannot. Consequently, he may end up feeling guilty or embarrassed. In the Lon run, the man begins to pull away and may eventually stop attempting to have sex. This behavior in turn builds up a surge of emotions and responses in his partner… Let’s reveal its impact from the female point of view… Men are not the only ones affected by erectile dysfunction. Women are often the silent sufferers. Women tend to feel like their partner's erectile dysfunction is their fault. A woman's self esteem often falls in these instances because they relate their partner being unable to perform with some sort of insufficiency that they must possess. Further, when a woman notices her partner withdrawing, it adds to her trauma and she sees this as further evidence of her not being lovable or attractive enough to him. This is how a strain in the relationship because of Erectile Dysfunction Begins… To quote a famous research - "male impotency is the primary reason for most of the cases of divorce, breakups and extra marital affairs by women…” While the reactions to the problem may be different, the results are often the same. The relationship becomes broken and strained. Restore your Relationship with your loved one and Treat erectile dysfunction simultaneously… Realization is the first requirement in such cases. Women who are dealing with a partner having erectile dysfunction need to first understand that their partner's inability to get an erection likely has absolutely nothing to do with them. Communication is the key here...Sustaining a healthy, balanced sex life requires mindful attention to our senses - physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. The man needs to have the courage and self-assurance to communicate their desires to their partner, even in the face of possible rejection. Consequently she will be able to continue to feel good about herself and subsequently, adequately support her mate. Simultaneously, there are also many natural remedies out there that work amazingly well in stopping Erectile dysfunction - you can get over your problem within no time and they are safe to use too.. So you have nothing to worry about - and as far as amending your strained relationship is concerned there are several ways to mend a broken relation that has occurred because of erectile dysfunction...

"A man experienced erectile dysfunction and no intimacy in the final 8 years of his marriage - Needless to say, the relationship ended".

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