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Dental Trays In A Do-It-Yourself World
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: May 19, 2011 06:45:56 PM
Category: Blogs: Health

It is difficult – even impossible – nowadays to watch a program on broadcast television without seeing at least one commercial for use-at-home dental supplies such as tooth whitening strips, pastes, and, slightly more expensive, whitening gels that are applied via disposable dental trays. As it turns out, the demand for professional dental services such as whitening has expanded to the point where it now represents a significant portion of most clinics’ patient load. The most successful clinics are those that respond to these changing demands, and who maintain a state of readiness to address a broad range of patient needs. Of course, it is up to the individual clinic to decide the best way to respond to their patients’ requirements, but one thing that all clinics have in common is the need to maintain an adequate inventory of dental supplies, including an assortment of dental trays, from the single-use disposable dental trays for whitening regimen, dental impression trays with which to fabricate molds for dental prostheses, and materials from which to fabricate custom dental trays used in longer-term or specific application treatments. Long past are the days when a single, one-size-fits-all dental tray could be used for all types of treatment. The old generic tray, for example, is less than ideal for use in applying whitening chemicals or other topical treatments, since its less-than-custom fit tends to concentrate the treatment material in some areas, while under-applying the material in others. While this might not be so critical during short-duration whitening treatments, it can prove quite problematic in a longer-term whitening and pharmacological regimen. Furthermore, a dental tray that is custom-fitted to a patient’s mouth will inevitably be more comfortable than a generic dental tray, thus increasing the likelihood of the patient’s continuing the prescribed treatment, and therefore, the treatment’s likelihood of success. In the final analysis, the extent to which a given treatment is successful will be a major factor in the patient’s confidence in the clinician. While dental practices, like every other business concern, must be diligent in their efforts to control costs and remain profitable, the relatively minuscule savings realized by purchasing the least expensive dental supplies available – with dental trays being among the most critical – represent a false economy, not to mention a potential threat to the viability of the practice. This is why so many dentists go online to find the best quality products for their patients. Every office needs a strong reliable dental supplier for these items. Dental Trays, Dental Supply Company

Despite (or perhaps because of) the proliferation of at-home teeth whitening products, dental clinics’ demand for all types of dental trays is greater than ever.

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