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Mobile development for small businesses
Author Name: Vishal Arora
Date added: May 30, 2011 11:33:05 AM
Category: Business & Economy: Services: Outsourcing

Mobile application development is a profitable enterprise for small and mid-size companies. With the increasing demand for smartphones and their high-end applications, more and more companies are entering into the business of designing and developing smartphone apps. Especially for the small companies and startups, this can be a prolific idea to sustain in the competitive market and at the same time make a strong foothold in the business ecosystem. Here are some tips for mobile development for small businesses. Use latest and modern tools: Always opt for the latest tools in order to cut down on expenses and hazards. Many would say buying a modern tool would be more expensive than going for a comparatively older tool. But new and advanced tools save time and money in terms of your resources, which itself eliminates many associated costs. The costs are one time at the moment of the purchase and installation. When it starts working in the usual flow, it can save your valuable time, money, and efforts. Don’t forget the essentials: Get your business what it needs, nothing less- nothing more. Generally, small companies do not want robust applications. All they need is an application that can rightly project their creditability about the product in front of the client. For this, they first need to make an estimate of the essentials. Once done with the list, they should concentrate on the production. It is important to create the blue print before every successful project. Use your resources properly: Most of the small businesses do not look into the organizational resources, before searching outside. They should concentrate on leveraging the resources within the organization to ensure maximum usage of them. For example, if you already have a developer in your organization, try to find out whether he can be equipped to make the product or not. For this, you might need knowledge transfer, but this is fairly a good deal for you, since he/she is your own resource. Try multiple platforms: Instead of focusing on one platform, you can focus on many platforms like Blackberry, Android, iPhone and other smartphone platforms at once. This will enhance your chances of success to a great extent. To do that, you need proper expertise on different areas. And for that, you need skilled and experienced developers. For small companies, it is a little difficult, but nothing seems impossible these days! Minimizing business process cycles: Try to simplify your business process. The more it gets difficult, the more it gets complicated for employees. After developing the product, it’s time to make it visible to the outside world. The approval policy is a lengthy and tiring affair, moreover, you are not sure if your product will be accepted or denied by the smartphone companies. If you decrease your business process cycle, you can concentrate on its promotion and marketing to ensure its success. If you are a small business or a start-up, get to know more about mobile development for small businesses at

Mobile application development is a profitable enterprise for small and mid-size companies. With the increasing demand for smartphones and their high-end applications.

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