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Wedding Photographer Par Excellence – Tom Hall
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: June 03, 2011 09:23:18 PM
Category: Arts & Humanities

Recently, I had occasion to attend the wedding of a friend’s daughter, an exquisite event more than a year in the planning. I first caught sight of the photographer as I walked toward the church entrance. There, on the lawn area was an individual, unobtrusively capturing the arrival of guests, from a variety of angles. As the ceremony proceeded, I happened to catch glimpses of the photographer, as he quietly and stealthily moved about the chapel. What struck me most was his ability to remain almost completely out of view, preventing any distraction from the beautiful ceremony. I did not travel with the wedding party to the photographic session that occurred between the ceremony and the reception, but soon after the entourage arrived at the reception, followed again, of course, by the photographer. It was at this point that I observed more formal and posed shots being taken, prior to our being seated for the meal. As the reception continued, I truly lost track of this man, but somehow knew that he was all about, snapping candids which would perhaps become a part of the final album. The traditional photos, such as the cake cutting, brought him into a bit more prominence once again. I was anxious to see the final album, for my niece was in the process of her own wedding plans and had not yet chosen a photographer, nor did any of our family members have any personal experience in order to recommend one. When at last I was invited to view the albums (there were three in all), I was astonished! It was almost as if a photo-journalist had been at that wedding. The formal, posed shots, of course, were perfect, and captured not only every moment of the event but the obvious emotions of each subject. They were, quite frankly, exquisite in every way. The informal candid shots, however, were what completely impressed me. Here was a true artist at work, for every shot was awe-inspiring. The spot chosen on Moreton Bay for some of the formal poses was also the spot for any number of informal photos of the wedding party, as people hugged and laughed, as small children danced among the amazing foliage, and as parents beamed with pride. One shot in particular, of the bride’s father, captured the emotions of what every father must feel on this day – bittersweet joy, love for child, and the understanding that his little girl is now fully grown. I shall never forget that photo! Scenes from the reception were delightful, and I do believe that every guest was in at least one shot – an amazing feat when such a large crowd is involved. Even the food, brought to tables in stunning presentations, was pictured perfectly. Needless to say, Tom Hall, whose work I find to be truly amazing, was recommended to my niece, without reservation! Her wedding is in a few weeks, and I am thrilled to have found the perfect photographer for her special day in Tom Hall Photography! Wedding Photographers Brisbane, Brisbane Wedding Photographers

I had occasion to attend the wedding of a friend’s daughter, an exquisite event more than a year in the planning.

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