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Sterilization Pouches - What To Know
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: June 06, 2011 06:42:24 PM
Category: Blogs: Health

A successful surgery, dental or medical, always begins with proper sterilization. Hand in hand with this fact comes the need for a hygienic and durable method of containment that also allows medical professionals quick and easy access to the material inside. In hospitals worldwide this is accomplished through the use sterilization pouches. What is a sterilization pouch? Sterilization is the process by which harmful microorganisms, such as bacterial spores, are eradicated from a surface. This has its most important applications in the dental and medical professions, specifically in surgery. According to the CDC this is accomplished before and after autoclaving (under steam pressure), chemical vapor or dry heat. A useful sterilization pouch therefore serves the dual role holding the device during and after the sterilization process. It also provides an indication system that notes when sterilization is thoroughly completed. Sterilization Pouch Key Features Modern sterilization pouches are equipped with several crucial components. Located at the top should be a large lip and flap allowing for easy gripping and opening. Along with this there should be a self-seal mechanism with pre-folded lines permitting the unit to be quickly resealed. Perforated edges along the adhesive section further allow proper resealing. On the front a sheet of transparent plastic should both lock out harmful bacteria as well permit easy viewing of the instrument within and indicator strip. On the backside a paper material should allow sterilizing vapors to penetrate into the package reaching the device. Lastly pre-printed inside the pouch should be an internal indicator, which will change colors once the sterilization is completed (will indicate for both ethylene oxide and steam vapor processes). This component is particularly crucial as it serves as a backup in the event an indicator strip is not packaged with the device within. Sterilization Pouch Providers Improper sterilization can result in a variety of maladies for the involved patient. These can range in severity from moderate to fatal infections. Given the seriousness of such outcomes it is important to make sure pouches are procured from a reputable dealer with a great deal of sanitary expertise. As part of such expertise suppliers must understand that pouches will inserted into an autoclave machine for disinfection. Accordingly they must be made from a strong, durable material (such as non-recycled Kraft paper that allows gasses in while keeping bacteria out) that will not tear when wet. They will also understand the importance of including heat sealed rails to prevent devices from slicing through the material. While in the hierarchy of medical purchases sterilization pouches can seem unimportant, they can mean the difference between successful and unsuccessful operations. It is therefore necessary to understand what characterizes good and bad pouches. In summary adequate pouches should allow for three functions. First, it should properly keep harmful microorganisms away from the device. Second, it should allow for thorough sanitation (including indictors). Third, and last of all, it should allow for easy access by medical professional. Following these three guidelines are paramount to any safe and effective sterilization regiment. Sterilization Pouches, Dental Supplies

When purchasing sterilization pouches, its best to know what your looking for. Quality counts when dealing with infection control across the health care industry.

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