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The Top 7 Habits of Successful Army Officers
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: June 21, 2011 07:27:13 AM
Category: Arts & Humanities

Why is it that some Army Officers get promoted quickly, while others don’t? And why do some Army Officers rise to the top of the organization, while most Officers have an “average” career? I’ve found that successful Army Officers do things much differently than most Army Officers. In my opinion, there are seven critical skills that separate the best Officers from the average Officers. I will cover these seven things in more detail below. 1. Time Management: You can’t do everything. And I’m sure you already know that. Since you only have 24 hours in a day, you have to learn effective time management. This means setting priorities and spending a majority of your time on the top priorities. One simple way to improve your time management is to use a day-planner and calendar. You should also have a “To-Do” list and a goals list. 2. Priorities: This goes hand in hand with time management, but I’ve found that successful Army Officers have priorities for themselves and for their subordinates. They know which tasks will give them the most bang for the buck. And they spend their time focusing on the most important things. If you don’t establish priorities, you will be busy, but not productive. 3. The Three E’s: The three E’s are effective, efficient and excellent. All squared away Army Officers live by the three E’s. Being effective is the first task. If you aren’t effective at what you do, the other two don’t matter. Once you become an effective leader, your next goal is to be excellent. That means you set high standards and live by those standards. Finally, the last step is to become efficient. This means you are always looking for creative ways to be effective and excellent, in less time, with less resources and less Soldiers. 4. Listen: You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. The best leaders spend more time listening than they do talking. If you are a natural “talker” you need to be aware of your condition and try to listen more. When you listen to others, you get new ideas and perspectives. 5. Surround Themselves with Super-Stars: Some people are intimidated by others with great talents and potential. However, I’ve found that the best Army Officers try to surround themselves with the best talent they can find. That’s because they understand that surrounding yourself with a good team is your key to success. When your team does well, you look good. Never forget that. 6. Personal Growth: The best Army Officers strive to learn new things every day. They are students of their profession. As a result, they subscribe to trade journals, study tactics, read self-help books, counsel with mentors and constantly improve themselves. They realize that once they graduate college, their real education begins. 7. Goals: The most successful Army Officers have clear goals. They have career goals, personal goals, family goals and more. They understand the importance of writing down their goals and setting a date of when they want to accomplish the task. Each month, they reflect on their experiences and size up where they are currently at with where they want to be. In conclusion, these are the top seven things that successful Army Officers do to set themselves apart from their peers. If you are trying to improve your effectiveness as an Army Officer, you should try to incorporate some of these “skills” into your daily routine. By doing so, you will become a better leader and better Army Officer. And you will get promoted faster and have a fulfilling career. Army Officer, Army Officer Promotions

Learn seven simple things that the most successful Army Officers do, that others don't do. Discover how to get promoted faster and have a more successful career.

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