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Avatar tops world's movie charts
Author Name: indfo25
Date added: October 04, 2010 12:43:39 PM
Category: Entertainment: Movies

Avatar is a 2009 American science fiction epic movie scripted and directed by versatile film director James Cameron. Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez and Stephen Lang play the lead parts. The term "avatar" comes from Indian mythology. It means "god's visit to Earth to fix smth that is broken". Vishnu, one of the three gods shielding creation, visits Earth regularly. According to Hindu mythology, Vishnu is dark-blue in color. Cameron has also decided to make the aliens blue. Set in the year 2154 on an alien planet called Pandora situated the Alpha Centauri star system, Avatar film tells the timeless story of gluttony, immaturity and the ferocity resulting from ignorance. The plot revolves around a soldier - Jack - who arrives in Pandora the moon situated in the Alpha Centauri star system in order to help The Corporation that wants to mine and export a precious mineral called unobtainium. The Na'vi are the alien arboreal humonoid species thriving on the planet. They are a part of a huge symbiotic living system that contains animals and plants which are connected by a biological communication network. The Corporation wants to mine the moon and the Na'vi fight against the conquerors for their fatherland. The expansion of the mining colony menaces the existence of the local tribe. While on a mission, Jake is taken in by the Na'vi and explores their labguage, culture and habitat. He falls in love with a female Na'vi who rescues him when he is lost in the forest. Avatars are biological creatures - a mixture of human and alien DNA. They are not self-aware and are controlled by a human whose DNA they were made from. The soldier controls an avatar that is made from his brother's DNA. Avatar draws a rosy picture of an ideal world. The end of the film is particularly moving. The visual effects are fantastic. Being a talented skillful film maker, Cameron has released one of the most carefully thought-out and consistent movies. The movie is really worth viewing.

The article features and reviews James Cameron's science fiction epic movie “Avatar” released in 2009 and nominated nine times for the Oscar 2010 and concentrates upon the main plot theme.

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