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Automotive Recruitment Marketing Trends
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: June 25, 2011 10:21:26 AM
Category: Discussion Forums: Automotive

MARKET TRENDS Having been in the Motor Industry for more years than we care to remember it’s hard to recall such an unusual market. Times are tough and money is tight, yet volume/value for money sales are struggling but expensive, prestige vehicles and the mainly leisure driven Motorcycle sales are up. Finance is difficult to obtain for any business yet fleet sales for cars, LCV's and HGV's took a big jump last month and leasing companies seem to be getting busier by the day, so what is really happening out there ? Last months figures say new car sales fell in May by 1.7% and a lot of people have been saying to us that footfall in April and May has been poor, so it still looks a bleak picture. However look more closely at the figures and a slightly different image may begin to emerge. The Motorcycle market being mainly an 'optional' purchase was the first to be hit in 2008 along with HGV's which nearly stopped and LCV's which dropped by around half. Next to take the hit was fleet car sales, followed by privately purchased prestige cars with the volume/value for money market reducing last after the scrappage scheme boost last year. According to last month's figures the following is happening: Motorcycle sales are up 25%, LCV sales are up 17%, HGV sales are up 61% and fleet car sales are up 11%. The SMMT's forecast told us last year this would happen and it has, in fact overall sales are ahead of their predictions. It of course means the retail car sales are still depressed and of course that's an important area for many people but the first markets to go have come back again. Additionally we increasingly speak to consumers who say "they are fed up with being fed up", the SMMT have also predicted that retail car sales will grow from Q3 2011 partly fuelled by the availability of service plans, much better fuel economy and more affordable finance, so maybe all it needs is a bit of good news economically and the pent-up demand out there will kick start the last sector of the industry that needs to begin recovery. INTERNET CAR SALES As we have said before the dealer network and manufacturers are all very bad at selling cars via the internet. The franchise dealer network and manufacturers really do need to get their act together; it has to be said that very few of the web-sites we have viewed are nowhere near where they should be. We have recently completed some work for a dealer group who represent a very prestigious brand, their manufacturer provides their web-site for them to the standard corporate image so in fairness to them they are forced to use the site to advertise their used cars and they know they need to change. The site is, disappointingly one of the worst we have ever seen, it just doesn't work, you can't easily navigate around, some of the buttons don't operate and the structure of the site drives you away rather than toward it. The industry really needs to see that other players are beginning to take business from them, now, here and today. Just read the Motor Industry press: Tesco Cars are using their corporate muscle to enter the market and a very recent report says they will succeed in reaching their target of 3,000 vehicles per week, plus they will make inroads into the After-sales market with Tesco Autocentres. Car Shop are likely to re-launch the Autoquake platform under a different brand and people are beginning to run seminars on selling online. However the most worrying thing of all is that a number of people holding senior dealer positions around the country mainly on internet forums I have been involved with have said recently, "it will never happen", "Tesco will fail", "you can't sell cars only online" and "its all too difficult to do". Please, for the sake of your business's wake up and smell the coffee, at least look at the opportunities, at the high point Autoquake sold 1,200 cars a month 100% online, it’s a fact and it happened and others are following the example. motor trade recruitment, motor trade vacancies

A summary of market trends and recent massive movements into online car sales within the automotive industry; which is trying to adopt new technologies & keep ahead of massive new market entrants such as Tesco.

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