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Greek Music: Its History Of Development
Author Name: kennnedy34
Date added: October 05, 2010 11:35:01 AM
Category: Entertainment: Music

Music is an art which acts as a mirror of social and cultural structures. If the society or the culture in a particular place is declining, it will be reflected in the music of that place. Similarly, when the society or the culture is developing well, the music will also flourish. Hence, music has a major office in the tracing the history of a country and its culture. The music world owes much to the Ancient Greeks. In fact, the term "music" is originated from the 9 muses of Ancient Greece - goddesses ruling over the arts and sciences. Contemporary musicians refer to their muse, which is someone who has an effect on another person's creative work. A number of musical terms originated from Greek. Nevertheless, with the decline of Ancient Greece and the collapse of the Roman and Byzantine Empires, Greek music stopped developing for several centuries until it was reborn in the Nineteenth century. It is believed that Greeks considered music a way of worshipping God. Music was also a part of their social life. It was played on all forms of social occasions. Since drama was also popular in Greece, they also used music when drama was staged. Greek music is normally said to have lacked harmony. It was mainly performed by one singer and not by a choir as is normally demonstrated in Greek plays. Ancient musicians strictly followed the laws of music and didn't mix one form with another. The rules were so rigid that the viewers or listeners were not allowed to clap. The aim of musical shows was not to amuse but to educate common people. Pythagoras launched the use of numbers to denote musical scales. This concept spread to Ancient Greek Music. Thus, Pythagoras became the father of music theory. Most musical works, as reported, was monophonic. Therefore, they were similar to each other. But when musicians started experimenting, Plato considered it sacrilege of the purest form of music. Contemporary Greek music is a mixture of Greek folk music and both Eastern and Western tendencies.

The article features music as an art form that reflects social processes and is devoted to Greek music, particularly to the history of music, which started in Ancient Greece, and its peculiarities.

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