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The Effect Of Positive Thinking On Your Health
Author Name: Charlotte Hewitt
Date added: July 08, 2011 06:32:59 PM
Category: Computers & Internet: People

While positive thinking has been promoted for many years as good for our mental performance, recent research has found a connection between the quality of our thoughts and the condition of our physical health. The response you get when you ask somebody how they feel will vary from person to person, but in many instances it can be quite a negative one. The complaints will vary from not feeling healthy to not being able to do the things they used to be able to do. It is clear therefore, that you can have a mindset that is unhealthy and the question is whether you can really feel better if you can change this. In this article, we will look at applying positive thinking to improve your health. The association between mental and physical health is very obvious when looking at those who suffer from depression. An important question is whether the person's thoughts are causing the physical depression or the physical depression is triggering the negative thinking. When it comes to how you can use your mind to help, this can be achieved consciously and subconsciously. At times, it may just need some sort of rational thinking to put a situation into perspective, as a lot of the things we are worried about never turn out to be as bad as imagined. The subconscious mind is probably more powerful and this is where many of our beliefs are formed even if we are not aware of this. For long-lasting change at the unconscious level, hypnotherapy is the most effective method to utilize. It is likewise true that positive thinking can have an impact on our physical health, and you are no doubt aware of the placebo effect on those who feel ill. The placebo effect refers to the phenomenon of a sugar pill producing a curative effect in a test subject because the subject is told the placebo is actually a medicinal drug. The belief in the power of the placebo demonstrates how the mind affects the body, and this power can be used to help individuals recover from illnesses more rapidly. The mind likewise influences our physical stamina and can be controlled to achieve greater degrees of fitness. A historic example of this is when the four minute barrier for running the mile was broken, which had been viewed as impossible up to that point. Still, following this event, many athletes began to also run the mile in under four minutes. Another example of how we can employ positive thinking is to neutralize the effects of the aging process. Many people focus their thoughts, and their conversations, on what they consider to be the inevitable effects of growing older: pains and limitations. Nevertheless, the knowledge we now have in the field of longevity shows that you can overturn these effects and lead a very active life into your later years. Individuals who have a habitually negative mindset will not believe it's possible to improve their attitudes, and their health, as they age. Now that you are aware that your attitude can bring you good health, it's up to you to take advantage of this information and set your intention to think positive thoughts whenever possible. If you want a great place for tarot online then be guaranteed to explore free tarot card readings.

By utilizing the power of your mind for positive thinking, you can achieve higher fitness goals and achieve a state of vibrant health.

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