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All About Eve Online Game
Author Name: aljana45
Date added: October 20, 2010 04:09:39 AM
Category: Entertainment: Games

Online computer games enjoy great popularity these days. Massively multiplayer on-line games (also called MMOG) take a special place amongst these games. It means that such games are played in the World Wide Web and are able to support hundreds or even thousands of players at the same time. The majority of massive multiplayer online games are focused on simply ordered style of game with monotonous increase in level and predictable outcome. But there is an extremely fascinating online game that considerably differs from this plan. It's called EVE Online. In this game players have got a considerable impact on the game development because you have an opportunity to apply your imagination so as to create your own strategy of the game. So it is obviously a game for active and self-dependent people. The essence of the game is a gigantic science fiction universe where the players interact. You fight, trade, form corporations and alliances with other players to achieve the principal objective of the game – to seize power by means of proper using of Interstellar Kredits (ISK) that represent the currency in the world of EVE Online and by fighting with the help of your EVE Online ships. You begin the game with a standard ship that is suitable to perform only simple tasks. Sorts of such standard ships are different and depend on your race in the game. According to your preferences you will later get a possibility to obtain better EVE Online ship. The most popular EVE Online ships include the following: - Assault ships These ships possess better fighting power than ships of the initial level, they are designated to support the frigates in large groups. - Battlecruisers These ships possess similar fighting power as Battleships, but their defending capacity is significantly lower, that is why the players have to count on the speed of the ships if defending. - Battleships The most powerful and active ships in EVE Online. The variety of EVE Online frigates is great, so you will get a good choice, for instance, Covert Ops, Cruisers, Heavy Assault Ships, Destroyers, Interceptors, Industrial Ships, Logistic, Mining Barge and Shuttles. EVE Online is a many-sided game, so you'll certainly find your place in there.

The article is dedicated to the description of the most popular multiplayer Internet game today know as Eve online. Learn the basics of the game and get a new exciting hobby.

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