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The Future Of Internet Car Sales
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: August 02, 2011 06:26:21 PM
Category: Discussion Forums: Automotive

The snowball continues to come down the hill at an ever increasing pace with hardly a day going by without an article, report or press release talking about selling online for sales, service or parts (BMW selling parts directly online being a prime example). A word of warning though, there are an increasingly number of companies out there offering 'online solutions' who are charging very large sums of money for in exchange for very little service. As some of you will know, selling cars online if done correctly, works, and it works well. It has been proven that it’s not that difficult to do if you have the right mind set, and so it is inevitable that this medium will play an ever increasingly important and vital role in the future of car sales. However some car dealers still look at it as a 'Black Art' which it is not, as a result some service companies both large and small are providing platforms and solutions to selling online which, from what I have seen, are at best flaky and at worst a total rip off. Thousands of pounds are being taken monthly in some cases for doing things that frankly can be done in house cheaply and in many cases for free. I would urge anybody out there to look long and hard at their online strategy, question it and look at what you are being asked to pay for. When speaking to these companies who have beaten a path to your door saying they could do this or that, perhaps consider how important it is to you to be in control of your own destiny and have access to our own data and not be restricted and only allowed to see what other providers want you to see or, as is often the case, pay additionally for many of the 'costly bolt on extras' If you are lucky you may have a very good IT team around you who could pull their offerings apart and show them up as just the smoke and mirrors that many are. And that's the point, the internet is not a black art, any car dealership is more than capable of developing its own solution using just in many cases their existing local IT providers to do the technical stuff and a right minded person to run the physical stuff. From some calculations I have completed recently for a dealer group one additional head could, with some support, cope with up to 200 additional used car sales per month. How many other Sales Executives would put in that type of performance for you? One parting thought this month regarding the internet. Not so very long ago the sales process worked like this: Meet & Greet, Qualify, Present the products available, Demonstrate, Trial Close, Negotiate the price and Close. In other words the customer walked in the door with very little knowledge and as dealers a big part of your job was to tell the customer what they could have. According to a study released last month 80% of all customers today research vehicles online first, this means the customer does the Qualify and Present the products available steps themselves online before deciding if they want to visit you, in effect you just moved down the food chain. If you have a reduction in footfall perhaps it’s not all down to the recession? motor trade job vacancies, motor trade vacancies

Selling cars online works well if done correctly, however, some car dealers still look at the process as a "black art" utilising flaky platforms from which to obtain business.

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