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HTML5 Website Design
Author Name: Vishal Arora
Date added: September 01, 2011 10:10:31 AM
Category: Business & Economy: Services: Outsourcing

There is a lot of buzz surrounding HTML5 these days and it will soon become the face of web development. HTML5 development is giving websites a completely new meaning. HTML5 developers with their newly acquired skills are offering some of the most challenging solutions. This new technology is being used to develop rich websites which aren’t just informative but keep the visitors hooked too with the visual appeal. HTML5 acts as a one stop website design solution. You don’t have to use third-party applications to work on the graphics and multimedia elements in this platform as it is self-sufficient. It is also ideal for search engine optimization. This is what makes HTML5 different from all its predecessors. From a user perspective it is easy to manage and update a website using this platform as it is highly interactive and self-explanatory. Important Development In HTML5 • The designing structure has been improved and new elements have been added that will boost the consistency of the structure. These include new sections, header, footer, nav, article, aside and figure. • HLML5 come with APIs that allow advanced document editing features, ability to draw on a 2D canvas, web messaging features. They allow the insertion of rich content with ease. The new APIs improves interoperability thereby reducing development costs substantially. • HTML5 developers can directly insert a video on a webpage. It is as easy as inserting an image into the page. The video controls are built in and it does away with the concept of embedding the video. • The Canvas feature has also been one of the revolutionary changes. Designers can now draw within an HTML file and this region is called canvas. Here codes are dynamically generated and with the help of these codes you can compose photos and draw graphics. This requires no external plugin to operate. • It allows disconnected clients to continue using these applications by introducing a new feature known as Local Storage which stores data offline until a connection is resumed. The default storage set is as much as 5MB. • The geo-location API allows you to share your location with other web sites. Your location details can be made available to the web page JavaScript. GPS as well as other network signals like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and IP address can be programmed as the source of the location. Being a new technology, HTML5 development requires expertise on the part of the developer. For cost effective development outsource your custom website development to an offshore development center and get a modern website developed which embeds all these new introductions in the world of web development. HTML5 helps in making your website more dynamic and easy to manage and will take you miles ahead of your competitors.

HTML 5 is the future of website design. It helps make website more dynamic as lot of graphics and multi-media elements can easily be inserted into the website.

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