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Web Data Extraction Using a Web Harvester
Author Name: Tracy Morgan
Date added: September 08, 2011 12:51:42 PM
Category: Computers & Internet

Web data harvesting is a process of gathering data from the Internet for use in a database or directory. It is also considered to be a form of research done via the web for obtaining data in a required format. A web harvester is one of the tools used to gather the required data. It enables users to collect the desired information from the web pages and extract it in a meaningful or usable format. Web harvesters use a variety of techniques and technologies to accurately extract, capture, mine or acquire the XML or text-based information. Benefits of Web Harvesters It is no secret that the Web contains an abundance (some would say an over-abundance) of information and meaningful data. There is also no end to number of uses there are for this information. The problem inherent in this is the data on the various sites is presented in a variety of ways, without any consistency to form or function. Though the data can be read by a person visiting the site, harvesting it for other purposes is extremely difficult. Copy-and-pasting is never productive and prone to errors. This is also a tedious task and even impossible in some cases. For making use of the plethora of data available on countless sites, the information must be gathered in a way that removes the formatting and style components, resulting in pure and plain data. A web harvester delivers this and does not require the end-user to have any knowledge of or even understand any programming language in order to get the data. Who needs a web harvester? As the need to get information quickly, accurately and efficiently has grown, the market for web harvesters has also increased. The top users of this type of software application include: Marketing people, including managers who need to get hold of target audience online, Financial people, who want to work on costs and improve efficiency, IT Professionals, who are in search of outsourcing their projects to more efficient provider, Salespeople and sales organizations, to read the latest trends and flow in the market so that they are able to set new targets for their businesses and people. Increasing Profits with Web Harvesting The benefits of harvesting can be depicted in the fact that this is one of the most effective ways to reach out to people. For example, if you are a realtor, you would be interested in getting information about new and existing properties. A web harvesting tool is used for this purpose, providing up-to-date information, automatically and immediately, allowing users to spend more time with customers or finding new buyers and sellers. Marketing can be done in more effective ways if you are aware of what people prefer and are aware of their buying habits. Knowing this, you are able to improve your product offerings to better deliver what your customers are in search of. This data can be obtained with the help of a web harvester in more meaningful and useful way. If your business relies on giving information to your prospects and customers, then a data gathering plan that includes a web harvester is something to consider. For more information about Web Harvesting Please visit

Web data harvesting is a process of gathering data from the Internet for use in a database or directory.

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