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Dental Implants
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: September 21, 2011 05:22:48 PM
Category: Blogs: Health

Because many people grow up with a lack of appropriate dental care, they are often left with missing or broken teeth as adults. With the prevalence of high sugar diets, this problem also impacts the younger generation. These teeth are not only unsightly but are often painful and non-functional, as well. For years, there were two common solutions - first, to simply have teeth pulled, functioning as best one could without them, and, second, to be fitted for dentures. Both solutions have been imperfect, often uncomfortable, and have hampered both appearance and eating. With the advent of dental implants, however, it appears that the permanent, far more perfect solution has been found. As with most major, elective, medical procedures, the first concern is how much do dental implants cost? This is a valid concern, as payment for these procedures and for the implants themselves most often must be paid out of pocket. This payment might come from the patient's savings, personal bank financing, credit card, some type of supplemental dental insurance, or through an arrangement with the dentist for “time payments.” Overall cost, moreover, depends upon the type of implant the patient selects. Some implants are simply root replacement, in which a piece of metal supports a single denture. Other implants are more complex. These might involve the placement of more expensive, complicated hardware. In patients who have unfortunately suffered from bone loss in teeth decay or extraction, it is often necessary to perform bone grafting surgery. This involves the use of a highly skilled medical professional, anesthesiology, surgical instruments and higher staffing and liability costs on the part of the dental professional. In these instances, the costs will inevitably be much higher. The cost of dental implants must be weighed by considering the benefits of such procedures. Unsightly or missing teeth are unpleasant to look at and can have great impact on a person's social life and career. The resulting self-esteem issues and lack of confidence, moreover, can have a lifelong impact. Less permanent solutions, such as dentures, might help a bit. However, dentures are not a permanent solution. They can be lost; denture wearers are largely limited in the foods they can eat; and cleaning dentures is a messy and unpleasant task. Dentures can also hold odors, day. These are nearly always ill-fitting and barely functional as teeth. thus causing bad breath. Many dentists even advertise ultra-cheap dentures that can be fitted in a single day, a solution that is quite temporary and ultimately not effective. Dental implants, with good personal hygiene, can be a life-long, permanent solution to tooth loss. Yes, they are a big investment, but they are also life-changing and life-long lasting. When one considers the amount of money s/he is willing to invest in other life-changing and life-long lasting commodities and experiences, such as weddings, homes, cars, and college educations, it doesn't seem unreasonable to invest a few thousand dollars to restore confidence, dental health, and functionality. dental implants cost, dental implants cost

As with most major, elective, medical procedures, the first concern is how much do dental implants cost?

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