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Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: September 22, 2011 05:32:27 PM
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Water Quality Catfish are well known as one of the fish species with the ability to survive in poor water conditions, also in high density waters. Catfish has a breathing organ composed of labyrinth which can derive oxygen straight from the air. Because of that reason, many catfish farms grow them in high density waters, hence giving the water a reddish colour. Several farmers never even change the water in the pond, only adding the volume when it decreases due to air absorption. Different from incompatible areas of farming, for example in places with a relatively lower environment temperature, the volume of water should be controlled so not to exceed a certain level. This method is often applied when the catfish is in the first growing stage, where it may lose too much energy to swim in the process of oxygen uptake through the air. This loss of energy will influence the rate of catfish growth. Control of the water volume should also be applied throughout the raining season, especially for outdoor ponds is tropical areas. The rain water collected in the catfish pond will decrease the pH of the water, which may result hazardously for the catfish. To maintain the health condition of the catfish, you may spread kitchen salt in the pond or use probiotics to sustain the quality of the water. The ingredients used to make probiotic are as follows: - 100 g of probiotic - 100 g of fine powder bran - 3 liters of water - 300 g of red sugar - 2 slices of yeast bread The method of application is: Mix the bran with the probiotics until homogen Crush the brown sugar into fine powder then mix it with the previous homogeneous powder Add water to the powder and mix until it becomes a homogenous liquid the place it an empty bucket with a black plastic bag to close over the bucket Leave the liquid overnight for fermentation Spread out the liquid over the pond the next morning. The residue can be left overnight for further fermentation, and applied the following morning. This liquid should be reapplied continuously over a period of time to sustain the quality of the water. Disease and Pest Prevention To avoid financial setbacks due to pest and disease infection, precautions should be taken seriously, such as covering the ponds with a net and cleaning the environment surrounding the pond. Disease will surface when the balance between the conditions of the catfish, environment and pathogens (organism transporting diseases) is disrupted. A few of the organism that cause catfish diseases are worms, bacteria, and parasites. Prevention of diseases can be conducted by maintaining the quality of the water. In cases of disease outbreaks, the sick or dead catfish should be removed from the pond so as not to infect the other catfish. The infected pond should be decreased in density and the renewal of water should be done thoroughly. The use of natural products to control disease and pest should be prioritized. This is done to ensure that no danger can harm the consumers of the meat products. Such natural products include kitchen salt, chalk, turmeric, papaya leaf extract, galangal, etc. go to catfish wholesale Catfish Wholesale, Catfish Supplier is an online wholesaler and distributor of catfish locating in Bali, Indonesia. We have catfish ponds filled with mature catfish harvested fresh daily, ready to be sold and distributed in whole form

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