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Kratom's Effects
Author Name: karenharris
Date added: October 11, 2011 08:53:08 PM
Category: Blogs: Health

So what exactly are the effects of Kratom, you might ask. The effects are definitely varied and dose dependent. It is without a doubt, one of the most versatille herbs you’ll find. There are four major effects of Kratom use which include stimulation/sedation, euphoria, pain killing and sexual enhancement. Kratom can range from stimulating to sedating, depending on the dosage. It is commonplace for workers in Thailand to use lower doses of Kratom to dramatically improve their workday. Its stimulating effects help to increase their productivity, while it’s mood enhancing properties help to make the day more enjoyable. Kratom proves even more effective in jobs involving a high level of physical labor, as it increases energy and endurance. At higher doses, however, Kratom becomes more of a sedative. It puts you in that Calm, euphoric state, that would be perfect for after work relaxation. This dynamism and versatility is one of the most interesting and difficult to master things about Kratom. When it is mastered, blends can be created that induce either effect as desired. Kratom is also renown for its mood enhancing and anti-anxiety properties. This mood enhancement is categorized by an increased sense of wellbeing, increased sociability, feelings of bliss and the general overcoming of anxiety. This euphoria appears to be increased with the dose. Kratom seems to be very effective as a well rounded social lubricant, without the appearance of intoxication. There are no negative impacts on coordination, articulation, or any coginitive functions for that matter. You will never ‘look’ intoxicated. Due partially to these euphoric and anti-anxiety properties, as well as increased sensual sensivity, Kratom is an excellent sexual enhancer. It increases men’s endurance and pleasure as well as increasing desire in women. Not only that, Kratom has slight vasodilators, which increase blood flow and facilitate erections. A balance is necessary, however, as heavy daily Kratom use can have the opposite effect. Overdoing it will decrease desire and make it more difficult to become aroused. As always, moderation is key. Lastly, Kratom is a very potent analgesic offering greater pain relief than morphine, even. In the study “Evaluation of Analgesic Induc ed by Mitragynine, Morphine, and Paracetamol of Mice”, mitragynine proved to have 22% more analgesic potential than morphine. It is further reported to be a far more pleasurable experience with far less negative attributes, in comparison. These analgesic properties, not surprisingly, become more and more powerful as the dosage increases. It is important to mention that the FDA does not approve any of these claims. If that sparked your interest, you can get our Kratom Drinks here. Or, for more information on Kratom and its popularity in the U.S. check out our article Growing Kratom Use in the United States Learn about Kratom's Effects

Kratom's effects can range from sedating to stimulating. The dosage and the blend of strains used dictates whether the experience is uplifting or calming.

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