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The Green Movement And How You Can Help
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: November 03, 2010 06:44:45 PM
Category: Arts & Humanities: News and Media

There has been a lot of talk about going green. In fact, there has been a lot of head way made on it. Cars, energy sources, and even some TV stations are all contributing to the green movement. You can too, with just a few simple acts. Going green does not have to mean being one hundred percent planet conscious all the time. Start simple. Turn off a light when you're not in the room. Providing you are not immediately planning on going back into the room (and turning the light back on again), this is a great way to save energy. This one act is so easy; your children can do it. In fact, this will even get the family involved. Make an effort to make sure that all lights not necessary for security are off before you leave the house. If you want to really help the atmosphere, unplugging electronics that are not going to be used for a long time helps. This is especially true of cell phone chargers. This cuts down on the amount of carbon gases being released into the air. Saving on water is another big part of going green. Shortening your shower is the best way to do that. Another simple idea is to make sure that all faucets are turned off completely after every use. There are other ways to start going green. You can even take your efforts to the work place. Start by car pooling. Then at the workplace, if there are none already in place, try and get a few recycling receptacles. Not surprisingly, although many people are conscientious about recycling at home, the same people often neglect this duty at work. Our environment and the legacy we leave behind to our children and grandchildren are too important for just a part-time effort. In addition to this, try and get your suppliers to use only recycled paper for printers and copy machines. This will keep the cycle of reusing materials going, and save the forests. At the end of the work day, try and get everyone in your office to shut down their computers, and if it's possible, unplug them. This will conserve a lot of energy in the long run. If you want to do a team effort, try arranging a community project or a cleanup crew for your neighborhood. Pick up litter on the side of the road or at a national park. This will keep it clean and beautiful for the world's animals. We are not the only ones on the planet, after all. Chances are, there is already a group out there in your area that is doing all of these things. You can join them and make a big green difference in your neighborhood. Doing this will make you feel good, and help the environment too. Grab friends and family to join the effort. Look around you when you go out next. You will see that everyone is trying to make an effort to be just a little more green. Whether it's recycling cups at a restaurant, or offering biodegradable packaging, the green movement is slowly spanning the globe. discount office supplies, biodegradable trash bags

Going green does not have to mean being one hundred percent planet conscious all the time. Start simple.

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