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An Inside Look At CRB Checks
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: November 09, 2010 02:17:23 AM
Category: Education: Career and Vocational

In a nutshell, CRB checks consist of a simple query sent to the Criminal Records Bureau to check whether an applicant, or subject, has any previous criminal history on file with the bureau. CRB checks are commonly run on all subjects who are applying for a job involving public trust or a position that requires the subject to supervise or teach school age children. Here is an inside look at the disclosure process involved in undergoing a CRB check and the history of this procedure in the United Kingdom. The Criminal Records Bureau is one of the Executive Agencies of the UK's Home Office. The purpose of the CRB is to provide the government and the public with access to comprehensive criminal record information on citizens of England and Wales in a single location. In recent years, similar disclosure services have been but into place for citizens of Northern Ireland and Scotland. Although the CRB has been in place since 1997, it was not until recent years that CRB checks became the norm for certain types of positions. The primary reason for the increasing use of CRB checks by public and private employers in the UK is the perceived threat of expensive lawsuits being filed against employers who hire employees who engage in criminal activity on the job. In the United States, the court system has a long history of leavening awarding large sums of money to individuals who were wronged by a member of an employer's staff who had a public record of similar conduct. CRB checks simply allow employers in the UK to avoid being involved in similar cases both at home and abroad. There are two basic types of disclosure requested for CRB checks: standard disclosure and enhanced disclosure. The vast majority of CRB checks are standard disclosures that are completed by a routine check of the individual's identity against the Police National Computer (PNC). Standard disclosures are used for most job opportunities that require a fair amount contact with either children or adults that the government identifies as particularly vulnerable to exploitation, such as mentally handicapped, physically handicapped and seriously ill. Standard disclosures are also used for CRB checks on subjects who are being considered for certain positions of public trust, such as government accountants. Most standard disclosure CRB checks are complete with 7 to 10 days following receipt of the check request by they CRB. Enhanced disclosure, on the other hand, is a more thorough CRB check that allows employers to have access to obtain additional information that law enforcement officials may have on a subject. Some of the most common information revealed as a result of an enhanced disclosure includes charges that did not lead to an arrest or conviction and confidential details pertaining to an ongoing investigation. Most individuals who are required to undergo an enhanced disclosure CRB check are applying for positions that require a great deal of contact with children or public offices that require a substantial degree of honesty and – CRB Checks CRB Ckecks, CRB & CRB Checks

As background checks continue to become a more common requirement for more and more types of jobs, more people than ever are finding that their employer is requesting a CRB check as a condition of potential employment.

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