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Books are silent mentors
Author Name: Smith Jan
Date added: April 27, 2009 05:22:26 AM
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Ebooks: Just about any book is available as an e-book version, the latest being a contribution by a prime dignity: ‘ The Audacity of Hope’, by Barack Obama. E-books are nothing but virtual books that can be stored on the Internet that is available in urban and rural areas through Internet cafes at cheap rates. Online storage is available on websites and is the cheapest way of purchasing the most sought after book. You can even become an online reader member by paying a lifetime or onetime membership fee. Newspapers too are available for downloads for archiving information. Audio magazines: Audio books are best for learning languages especially, for the disabled and most importantly, for learning Braille. There are choices of subjects in audio magazines, such as the dramatized version of Philip Pullmans classic Northern Lights is only children’s book on the top ten audio book list. Books on science and fiction can be a great hit with kids, as they love stories of the moon :) Books: Books are used for referencing information and become links for posterity. They are useful because many a time, they have remained as the only source of information for scientists to conduct research and amend information on old discoveries, such as clinical research on cancer patients or the latest disease of our era. Cancer is one of the most degenerative and dreadful terminal illnesses where death is certain and not all can afford costly treatment leading suicides and loss of human lives say, especially, in the case of a scientist where it is a loss for the entire mankind for all times! Therefore, every generation needs to contribute towards finding a cure for cancer and the valuable information needs to be carefully, stored as magazines/e-books/audio books Free Coupons. A saying goes, ‘Beware of the person who reads only one book’, meaning he has gained mastery over that subject. His inputs too need to be recorded for posterity. Magazines: The best selling magazines like: Family Circle, Ladies' Home Journal, AARP The Magazine are available for online purchase with good bargains. Above all, it is a proven fact that the most successful and creative people are those who had childhood that were most memorable because bedtime story books were read to them in the best animated manner possible with a clearly, accented and well-worded voice which resulted in building a world of imagination. Well read people are able to convey hard facts, blunt truths and even simple information (which many a time creates confusion) in the best digestible manner because of their mental association with bestsellers/authors throughout their childhood in fact, lives. They have polished and well etched presentation skills accessed from the reservoirs of the minds of their favorite authors, say, Willaim Shakespeare! Books change an almost ‘status quo’ mindset/mood whenever we access them. A good book will provide hope when you are down, and comfort, when you are sad. Books/reading develops self-helping and problem solving skills. Reading books does slow down the pace of gathering information compared to the television but that is what is needed for the brain – peace and ease of mind - to retain and process information in the right manner. Books/Sports/Music are powerful peacemakers (great idea for gifts) as they have always, bonded human relations across the global in a spirit of forgiveness (soothed and given reasoning or a second thought to feelings of hatred and revenge) and have brought out the most humane qualities in mankind that of friendliness and brotherhood no wonder one sees advertisements touting that dressing and books are the mark of a civilized man, e.g. Mahatma Gandhi. With slashed online rates for books, it would be a good idea to give them as gifts because one has always cherished memories of a friend on seeing a book gifted to him or her. Above all, you do not have to hop from shop-to-shop but from website-to-website. You gain on knowledge, save on transportation and end up encashing on offers that are best for book lovers buy one-take-one-free! We at have a variety of shopping malls and online stores offering the best bargains from online shopping malls and online stores. Please visit our website, for magazine, books, ebooks and audio books especially, as the peak shopping season offers classy discounts especially, during this part of the year. For more info on savings for Books coupons click here:

Books are not the only source of knowledge but are reservoirs of intelligence. You can get acquainted with and become like brilliant authors/inventors/doctors/teachers by tapping the intelligence of famous authors for improving the world.

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