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Look Enigmatic with a Designer Handbag
Author Name: Mike Adams
Date added: April 29, 2009 05:22:53 AM
Category: Shopping: Shopping Services

Till the recent past, compliments like 'Belle Armoire' which in French means 'Beautiful Wardrobe' (minus designer labels) were considered great but the 'in thing' today, is global tie-ups for realizing financial gains and recognition/fame, therefore, power dressing complemented with designer wear is what is needed for winning projects and acceptances because it gives you an iconic look the looks of a winner! Tell me, who does not like associating with some one who luxuriates with Nike stuff in the gym or with someone who is going in for a designer home or a redesigned car? One designer has said it well: 'The more you open your eyes and learn about everything, the more impact and beauty your ideas will have'. Power dressing comes from designer labels, they make a silent statement of who you are, what you want in life and would like to be associated with. So when buying a designer handbag, remember to ensure that your persona needs to be reflected through it. Some take pleasure in reflecting their environment, some patriots their country like they say, everything is beautiful in Brazil the scenery, the people, and even the handbags! The Award Winner for Handbags - Lui Antinous said that his handbags are a reconciliation of the paradoxical structure and fluidity, beauty and utility, femininity and masculinity, classicism and modernism. Resonating with power and harmony, this design dialectic appeals to a strong, confident and grounded woman, one who knows what to wear and how to wear it! On a different note, a celeb like Madge chooses to accentuate her stony-faced and an all-black gym ensemble with Lous Vuitton's Pulp Weekender Bag and the poppy burst of color is just the thing to cheer things up, she adds! Gucci Creative Director, Frida Giannini said: 'I wanted Rihanna (Unicef Ambassador) on board with this project because she is so young, so modern, and so iconic! (Note how people's judgment coincided with Frida's as it is said, 'The fashion world was buzzing over news that Rihanna would be teaming up with Gucci! - Did you note that...who says that you are not being rated?). Frida also says, 'Rihanna is known for her funky style, young appeal, never ending legs, and brilliant voice. What do you think of about Gucci's choice? Note how celebs strut their stuff! While strolling around Manhattan with real-life boyfriend and Gossip Girl co-star, Blake carries the classic Chanel Flap bag in navy blue. The Latina Diva, Jennifer Lopez, and graces her arms with the hottest arm candy (handbag). J. Lo or Jenny is always the fashionista. A two-toned Prada dress is a standout alone, but Jenny adds a bold Jimmy Choo bag. With a white dress and white boots, the Fendi Vanity Zucca Canvas and Leather Clutch/ Shoulder Bag. Always on top on the latest 'It' bags, J. Lo was one of the first celebrities spotted with the Zagliani Metallic Python Puffy Bag, On the rare occasion that J. Lo wear jeans, she prefers a casual day bag, like the Balenciaga "The First" Bag in Gris de Perle. And Jennifer gets red carpet ready in a silver beaded Marchesa gown with a Roger Vivier jeweled clutch. When celeb mags first began witnessing her baby bump(s), J. Lo concealed her pregnancy with a baby doll coat and the Prada Vernice Sfumata Tote. The trendsetter adores her gold metallic Fendi Zucca Spy Bag almost as much as she does her hubby, Marc Anthony! Some haute bags of the past weeks: Gucci 'Hysteria' Python Bag Prada Dressy Gaufre Mini Saddle Bag Louis Vuitton 'Speedy 30' Of course, online shopping coupon stores, have the best to offer you from handbag divas like Guess, Louis Vuitton, Christian dior, Liz Clairborne, Chanel - handbags that create a stir wherever they travel! Christmas is one such occasion where family, friends and colleagues get together, therefore, the right time for buying designer stuff and looking perfect which might just pay off in the long run if your employers and friends are rightly, impressed with your positve imagery - after all, 'All the world loves a Winner nobody has time for a loser' what say? For more info on savings for Entertainment/Media Discount Coupons click here:

Till the recent past, compliments like 'Belle Armoire' which in French means 'Beautiful Wardrobe' (minus designer labels) were considered great but the 'in thing' today, is global tie-ups for realizing financial gains and recognition/fame

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