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The Creature comfort Of Contact Lenses
Author Name: ruthrobinson
Date added: November 10, 2010 01:56:30 AM
Category: Blogs: Health

Indeed, the feeling is almost one of complete liberation. The switch from glasses to contact lenses is an easy one, though it should be made properly. It is important, especially for first-time contact lens wearers, to first consult with a qualified optometrist. This visit is to verify the prescription strength of the lenses in order to ensure that a person will see clearly and as perfectly as possible. There is no sense in purchasing contact lenses unless they will help a person see as well as they can. If the contacts are to be purchased online or from a company independent of the optometrist, the eye doctor should be informed that the prescription needs to be written for contact lenses rather than eyeglasses. There is a difference in the way the two prescriptions are written. Once the correct prescription strength is obtained a visit to an optician or contact lens consultant is needed. This first step of this visit is an examination to take measurements of each eye to make sure that the contact lenses will fit properly and comfortably. This is a simple and painless exam, and one that must be done if contacts are desired. The optician will also inspect the condition of the eyes in order to determine if there may be particular contacts more suited to the customer than others. Some eyes are best suited to contacts that allow a greater flow of oxygen to the eyeball itself while many other eyes are able to comfortably wear any in the large range of contact lenses available. The optician will then give a review of the contact lens options best suited to the individual. They will provide in-depth explanations regarding daily wear, extended wear, monthlies and one-day disposables amongst others. The customer will be provided with information on the benefits of each type that is appropriate for them in order to make an informed decision about the purchase. The last stage in the purchase of contact lenses is a quick training session. A proper consultant or optician will give a hands-on lesson on the insertion and removal of contacts and stay by the customer’s side until they are comfortable with the procedure. Lastly, instruction will be given regarding the care and cleaning of the contact lenses. The solutions used most often these days use one simple step, though there are still some around that use two separate solutions (disinfectant and neutralizer). The optician will advise regarding the proper use of the solution they recommend. – Contact Lenses Once a person is used to contact lenses it is almost as though a new world opens up. The options in contacts in addition to the large range of colours available, from subtle enhancement to vibrant colour, let people change their appearance and eliminate some of the discomforts that can arise from wearing glasses. Contact Lenses, Contact Lenses Online

There is an amazed look of wonder on the faces of people who have been long-time wearers of glasses when they insert contact lenses for the first time

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